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cpu-scaling-ondemand 1.0

August 05, 2009 — BarryK
Trio has created this and I have added it to Puppy. See forum thread:

A few bits of advice for developers:

Trio, don't put '&' on the end of the 'Exec=' line in a desktop file. JWM reports a syntax error in its XML config file.

If you are creating a package that is "architecture independent", that is not compiled, scripts only, and will thus run in any version of Puppy, when you create the Puppy database entry leave those compiled-in-distro|compiled-in-version| fields blank.

To illustrate, trio created this database entry when running the dir2pet script:

cpu-scaling-ondemand-1.0|cpu-scaling-ondemand|1.0||utility|16K|pet_packages-4|||CPU Scaling Ondemand|puppy|4|official|

Take out "puppy", "4".

Also, as you don't know what repo is actually going to host the package, take out "pet_packages-4" and "official" too. "official" means my repo. and "pet_packages-4" is the subdirectory where it is going to be found on ibiblio.

The rule is, if uncertain, leave the entry empty. So this would be fine:

cpu-scaling-ondemand-1.0|cpu-scaling-ondemand|1.0||Utility|16K|+gtkdialog3|||CPU Scaling Ondemand||||

Note, I added a dependency item, but you can argue that gtkdialog3 is always going to be in Puppy then that isn't really required.

Now that I have made the package official, I modified the fields to suit where I'm hosting it:

cpu-scaling-ondemand-1.0|cpu-scaling-ondemand|1.0||Utility|52K|pet_packages-woof||+gtkdialog3|CPU Frequency Scaling Tool|||official|

Note also, there's a typo in the /usr/bin/petspecs utility, it creates 'utility' in the category field where it should be 'Utility'. I have fixed this for 4.3beta.


duly noted

except mplayer
Username: disciple
"> don't put '&' on the end of the 'Exec=' line in a desktop file. JWM reports a syntax error in its XML config file. The one exception of course is Mplayer - the & is one of the things required by some versions to prevent them from freezing when started from jwm. And I think some versions can't even be prevented from freezing :(

cpu frequency scaling 1.1
Username: trio
"Updated to v 1.1 - Simplify GUI - Should Cater for cpu1 thanks

cpu ondemand 1.2
Username: trio
"Updated to v. 1.2 - fixes report (forgot to cpu1 report) Sorry & thanks

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