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Dialog box when click on drive icon?

August 22, 2009 — BarryK
I need votes. Those who have been testing the Woof builds will know that if you left-click on a desktop drive icon when the partition is already mounted, it pops up an orange dialog box asking if you want to unmount the partition or unmount all partitions. If you respond 'NO' then Rox opens.

Would you prefer to go back to the old behaviour, no orange dialog box, Rox just opens straight away?

If so, the partition would have to be unmounted with a right-click and selection in a menu.

Note, the reason that I introduced the orange dialog box is because newcomers might not be aware of the right-click menu, and if they had a mounted USB Flash drive and wanted to remove it, they might be confused how to unmount it.


Old is better!

Third option
Username: PaulBx1
"Not fond of the dialog box. However, I think it should work like this. Left-click on an unmounted partition mounts it without dialog. Left click on a mounted partition unmounts it, with a dialog only if an application is still using the partition. Any other possible actions accessed via the menu from a right click. This improves consistency. Generally, you want left clicks to generate instantaneous action without fuss, for the most common action. Right clicks are for less frequently used actions or for actions that require dialogs, etc. That's what I think,anyway. :-)

left and right click
Username: bigfoot
"leftclick opens everything, so I don't see any persistency in giving it a different meaning on partition symbols. So, instead a popup about "I am mounting now and you have to rightclick to unmount it when ready" when mounting should arise, if already mounted it simply opens Rox and to unmount it it needs a right click. One button mice are rare to find ;-)

Orange dlg box
Username: BarryK
"Yes, a compromise would probably work ok. You do a left-click and if no processes are using the partition, then the dialog box comes up. If any processes are using the partition then no dialog just open a Rox window. ...but some people might still find that too annoying.

No confirmation
Username: dogone
"With respect, Barry. I think this is a matter of a solution looking for a problem. Users are "new" for just a couple of days. Users are "users" for a lifetime. Economy dictates that new users learn the ropes as they always have without burdening more experienced users ad infinitum. Shades of Microsoft! Orange dialogs do not a great Puppy make.

Open ROX Straight Away!
Username: arby
"Open ROX Straight Away! Fast and Efficient should be THE way. Any other dialog pop-up that gets in the way, is exactly that... in the way.

Dialog box
Username: charlie6
"Hi, I prefer the old way. Sometimes (I would even say randomly) right clicking on a drive opens another rox "edit object"...a bit boring as I wanted only to unmount and then have to close it and repeat right clicking. I don't know how this happens (cannot reproduce it systematically at each right-click...). This don't ssems to be mouse's brand or type dependent (wacm, ps/2 or serial are even)

A simple orange
Username: lobster
"[i]"Orange dialogs do not a great Puppy make."[/i] Too true. I am still trying to understand mounting. The closest I can get is if I run from CD and my HD is unmounted, I should be very secure. Yesterday my hard disk was whirring for no reason that I could discern. If I was a tin-hat I would be on it . . . I always saw the orange dialog as a temp imposition for programming tests. Beginners soon, very soon, get used to simple. The previous simpler use or the modified compromise is always better. Simple is always better long term. I still mourn Simple Pup [sob]

Old way
Username: puppymike
"I am used to the "old way" Rgds Mike

old way
Username: cli_user
"I think the old way is more like Windows Explorer; left click to mount/open, right click to do anything else. The only other option would be to do something on an extended hover on top of the icon, like pop up the dialog or a tooltip (Left:Open, Right:Options) I'm not advocating this. cli_user, right?

the real weakness is...
Username: disciple
"For consistency, left-clicking should always open things. The big problem with those desktop drive icons is that you can't drag files onto them, as you can with normally pinned directories.

Dialog popup
Username: compactrom
"How about a tick box in the dialog with the option to stop showing the popups in future.

don't offend the right click-button!
Username: doc
"Dont offend the right click-button :-) left click: mount (only) right click: context menu Why don't anyone bulid a GUI where the right-click context menu includes much choices than what it does today (in linux and windows)?

click classic
Username: foo
"It rapidly becomes a habit (left click initial and thereafter on a driveicon .. mounts if unmounted and opens a Rox for that point), simple and direct. Expected even. Almost the same to unmount with rightclick, etc. Dialogue boxes seem to be more in the way of unexpected events (such as 'failures') or interaction on a more attentive level like the save2(s) while in session or a simple FYI (the orange saving RAM to flash comes to mind).

Drive icon
Username: pstef
"My preference is as follows: Left click always opens ROX. If drive is not mounted, mount it before ROX opens. Unmount option should only be in context menu.

Username: Gedrean
"Left click opens ROX - because everywhere else in Puppy maintains the same behavior (single-left-click opens an icon) even on Desktop, the drive shouldn't be different. Maybe one of the orange boxes with that mounted success right-click to unmount message like when mounting an SFS or 2FS or ISO... but with different wording of course, as suggested earlier by others

Another possibility
Username: PaulBx1
"How about left-clicking an unmounted volume mounts it AND invokes ROX; left-clicking a mounted volume closes ROX windows (with no dialog unless other applications are active there) AND unmounts it? And any additional ROX invocations come from the context window? My 4.1.2 Puppy has gotten into the annoying habit of invoking Pmount whenever I left click on a drive icon. I don't see why pmount should be invoked at all for a left click; I don't mind if it is in the context menu though.

old way
Username: eprv
"left click opens ROX if not mounted it first mounts right click dialog box

usb stick
Username: ttuuxxx
"I personally wouldn't mind a taskbar icon to remove/unmount usb sticks/drives, left click on it and it displays a list of currently plugged in USB devices, that would be cool. ttuuxxx

Dialog box when click on drive icon
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry which file controls this, I really hate that orange box and would like to turn it off when clicking the drive icons. Thanks ttuuxxx

Re orange box
Username: BarryK
"ttuuxxx, What orange box? This thread was active in 2009, and I did away with that orange box. Note, the desktop drive icons are handled in /root/.pup_event.

Dpup lenny
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry I've been updating an older version of Dpup lenny, Its smaller than the latest, But it still has the orange box popup when you click the drive icons at the bottom of the screen. So that's the box I would like to remove. All I have in /root/.pup_event is drive icons, nothing to edit to remove that orange box. Thanks for your help ttuuxxx

Re orange box
Username: BarryK
"ttuuxxx, Those dirve icons inside /root/.pup_event are directories. Right-click and choose "Look inside". For example, /root/.pup_event/drive_sdb2/AppRun is what runs when you click on a drive icon for sdb2. When a drive icon is created, /usr/local/bin/drive_all gets copied and renamed to /root/.pup_event/drive_sdb2/AppRun (for example of sdb2). So, /usr/local/bin/drive_all is the one that needs to be edited.

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