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Imagination, e3, br-abnt2, Ptooltips, QUISP

August 02, 2009 — BarryK
Imagination 1.5
This is a simple DVD slideshow maker. It presents a series of images with a fixed duration between each, and a wide selection of crossover effects. It can generate ogg/vorbis, video-DVD or Flash video file (.flv). It is not like a presentation app., as it is not interactive, but still very useful. It needs Sox, which I have also put in.

e3 fixed
E3, the super-tiny console text editor, crashes in 4.3pre-beta. Now fixed, and also I upgraded to the latest version 2.7.1.

Brazilian keyboard
4.3pre-beta has the 'br-latin1-us' console keyboard layout, but forum member 'fyujj' informed me that is only suitable for some very old keyboards in Brazil. Instead, another layout, 'br-abnt2' is required. I have put that into the 'kbd' package, into /usr/share/kbd/keymaps/i386/qwerty.

Ptooltips 0.2
This is an interesting little utility created by zigbert to display a tooltip. It requires 'getcurpos' which is already in 4.3pre-beta (and all Woof builds).

QUISP and Hiawatha fix
Well, it's a workaround for the time being. Hiawatha needs the variable 'SecureURL = no' in its config file to work properly with QUISP. I tested the artist's paintings database example and was able to edit and create entries.


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