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Making presentations in Puppy

August 02, 2009 — BarryK
Puppy actually has two different ways of making nice presentations ...probably more.

There is an addon for SeaMonkey, see the menu "Graphic --> FullerScreen slide presenter".

Abiword has a presentation mode, quite nice. Lobster has used it recently to create a web presentation:

Or, go direct to the presentation:

...very nice!


Username: ttuuxxx
A really small but really nice 500kb dvd slideshow program is called Imagination, I compiled it for 2.14X a few months ago, you can read about the package at and the website is located at here's what one puppy user review said "Hi ttuuxxx, I finally could test imagination the dvd slide show maker(after a month or more Embarrassed , sorry for my delay). I liked it. Itīs easy to use and has a good looking GUI, I could make a mpeg slideshow in just seconds, very fast application with nice features. Thanks for making the pet now itīs in my app collection for Puppy, just donīt know if we have space to include it in the next release and donīt know if anybody else tried it." It didn't need any extra libs in 2.14X :) ttuuxxx

Abiword presentations
Username: BarryK
"ttuuxxx, Thanks for that info. As lobster reported, unfortunately the presentation module causes Abiword 2.7.7 to crash. I'm just about to go to the Abiword website, see if that is fixed. If not, I might just recompile Abiword without it. ...or roll back to Abiword 2.6.3. Actually, that old version is quite nice.

Abiword 2.7.8
Username: BarryK
"We are not really supposed to be using the 2.7.x versions in a distro. We can't complain if stuff is broken. I just looked in the changelog for 2.7.8 (Pup 4.3pre-beta has 2.7.7) and there's nothing about the Presentation module -- maybe someone can volunteer to report that it crashes Abiword? Anyway, the changelog has this interesting item: [i]Don't list non-scalable fonts in the Linux and Mac UIs[/i] That means we won't need to screen out any fonts in the config file. Ok, I'll download 2.7.8 and recompile, with Presentation mode disabled. I'll checkout Imagination as a replacement! ...need Sox, that isn't in 4.3pre-beta.

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