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Puppy 4.3 pre-beta-reloaded

August 07, 2009 — BarryK
I have done another build, with kernel only, to test the fixes since 4.3 pre-beta. Get it from here:

I have named it "4.3 pre-beta-reloaded"!

Unfortunately, the fix for wireless keyboards does not work. Even though the documentation for the hid-* modules states that they should automatically load when usbhid loads, without udevd, it doesn't work. Perhaps the code in usbhid fails because the hid-* modules are gzipped -- unlikely, that would be a stupid oversight. I will have to go back and study the kernel docs again, maybe there is a clue in the kernel mail-lists.

There are apparently some issues with the remaster script, but I haven't got around to looking at that yet. So regarding related feedback for 4.3pre-beta, no difference in pre-beta-reloaded.

Today I plan to compile the kernel -- it intrigues me as it has continued to be updated -- the '29' patch was on 30 July 09.

I uploaded the "reloaded" build as I was in Perth and about to leave. Now I'm home. My satellite connection is still scheduled for the 21st, so that may be date of my next major upload.


background setter
Username: ttuuxxx
Hi Barry I came across a gtk2 background setter that could replace the default one in 4,5 series, its written in C and needs a little work in the code to work on puppy which is beyond my skill level but probably others could manage. The benefits of using this wallpaper setter over the default one is that it has a working preview of the wallpapers which we haven't had since 2&3 series and since we switched to gtk2. The small issues this program has is that you have to manually list each wallpaper in a config file located in /root/.config/cwallpaper/wallpapers which it should be set to check /usr/share/backgrounds and bypass the the configure list and also it needs to be directed to where we store the default wallpaper. Other than that, the bin file is 14kb so its small enough :) anyways the sources are located at and here's a image of it working on puppy :) [img][/img] ttuuxxx

Can you include aufs?
Username: jrb
"Hi Barry, As you may or may not know I have been providing a barebones derivative called ChoicePup,, based on puppy412 which uses sfs files loaded and unloaded on demand without rebooting. This is done with scripts supplied by jcoder24 and gyro. These scripts seem to be incompatible with unionfs. Could you please include aufs when compiling even if you do not use it in init? I can modify initrd.gz but am clueless how to compile the kernel with aufs. If this is possible it would be much appreceiated. Thanks, J

background setter
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry Gposil has been working on the background setter, so far it automatically list the all the backgrounds now, no manual input, So now just one part left for the actual setting of the wallpapers, the thread is being worked on is located at. ttuuxxx

Username: puppymike
"Hi Barry PNetHood I still have to use my CIFs trick to see files in ROX on my Samba LANdisk I reported on this blog for your earlier test release. [code]echo 0 > /proc/fs/cifs/LinuxExtensionsEnabled[/code] Rgds Mike

re background setter
Username: BarryK
"Note that Nathan's background setter has been modified a few times recently to suit Woof builds. I'm not sure if all the mods are documented in my blog. One mod is that it calls my script that truncates images for widescreen: /usr/sbin/background_reshape ...note, that currently only handles jpg's, probably should be extended to handle png's.

EeePC 901 wifi
Username: puppymike
"Forgot to add the good news to my last comment. The wireless worked out of the box on my EeePC901 Rgds Mike

re wallpaper
Username: BarryK
"A search with "wallpaper" on my blog turns up a couple of hits.

re cifs
Username: BarryK
"puppymike, I have added it to my to-do list. I think in the last discussion thread I asked a question that didn't get answered, so I left it. Anyway, what you are asking for can be done. I presume that you want that echo to happen after the cifs.ko module has loaded? In other words, detect that cifs.ko has loaded then perform that echo operation. ...that was the kind of detail I requested last time I think.

re aufs
Username: BarryK
"The short answer: no. They will have to get it to work with unionfs, or build a puplet with their own kernel (aufs requires some kernel patches).

Username: puppymike
"As before in an earlier test release the alsamixer does not show the master volume (on my eeePC901). I have tabbed to all the control bars on alsamixer but no sign of the master control. The first one is PCM. Equally the volume control on the system tray does nothing. Having said that the sound output is fine with PCM set at max. Rgds Mike

Username: puppymike
"Hi Barry I think if you look I did answer your question on the other thread. I was a little slow as I was on holiday so maybe you missed it. Basically after doing a network scan with pNethood which finds successfully my LANdisk (with a 30 sec scan) I then execute the echo before showing the files. If I don't I then get an error box or in some earlier incarnations I got the ROX window but with files names in gibberish. The echo code which I picked up somewhere off the net works in these cases. Rgds Mike

about FAT32 filename
Username: sasaqqdan
"When I put puppyfiles in a fat32 driver,Chinese filename in /mnt/home is shown ???

about FAT32 chinese filename
Username: sasaqqdan
"about FAT32 chinese filename: [img][/img]

Username: KM
"NFS works get in the pre-beta... Thanks a bunch. Tried to compile a few programs that I use and configure kept retuning this error: configure: error: C preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check using pup4_devx_422.sfs, md5sum checks ok. Just wanted to let you know.

Puppy 4.3 pre-beta-reloaded updated packages
Username: smil99
"Hi Barry, Thanks for all the goodies you continue to provide us. Just wanted to know when the updated packages used in building Puppy 4.3 pre-beta-reloaded be available at: This I am sure will smoothen any attempt by anyone trying to build a variant of puppy using the recent woof-6AUG09.tar.gz.

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