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Puppy 4.3beta1 coming soon

August 10, 2009 — BarryK
I had decided about a week ago to restrain changes to essential upgrades and maybe some new packages if they do not impact on the existing system. I do not want to change any working packages unless absolutely essential.

Having drawn that "line in the sand", some worthy projects may have to be held over for consideration for 4.4. I'm thinking of Gposil's nice little wallpaper app for example. Another example is 'Pastelist' created by seaside -- looks neat, but as it requires a modification to JWM and hot-key-combinations do affect other applications, I'm holding this over too.

The emphasis now is on finding bugs in 4.3pre-beta-reloaded, and 4.3beta1 -- I intend to upload the latter very soon.


Something else for 4.4
Username: PaulBx1
Automatic backup of pupsaves! I put this code in rc.shutdown: ------------------------------ #v2.16rc try this too... . . . if [ -f /etc/rc.d/PUPBACKUP ]; then # Execute PUPBACKUP to specify backup info if available . /etc/rc.d/PUPBACKUP fi if [ "$PUPSAVEBACKUPDIR" ]; then # A backup directory specified in PUPBACKUP? echo -n "Back up your pupsave to ${PUPSAVEBACKUPDIR}? : " > /dev/console read -t 20 response if [ "$?" = "0" ]; then # User responded in timeout period? if [ "$response" = "y" ]; then # User responded with "y"? mkdir -p $PUPSAVEBACKUPDIR while [ $PUPSAVEBACKUPCOUNT -gt 0 ]; do # Shift older backup files a notch mv ${PUPSAVEBACKUPDIR}${SAVEFILE}$[ PUPSAVEBACKUPCOUNT - 1 ] ${PUPSAVEBACKUPDIR}${SAVEFILE}${PUPSAVEBACKUPCOUNT} let PUPSAVEBACKUPCOUNT=PUPSAVEBACKUPCOUNT-1 done echo "${SMNTPT}${SAVEPATH}${SAVEFILE} being copied to ${PUPSAVEBACKUPDIR}${SAVEFILE}0" > /dev/console # CURRENTPUPSAVE="/initrd$(losetup $(mount | grep pup_rw | grep -v union |cut -f 1 -d ' ') | cut -f 3 -d ' ')" # cp -a ${CURRENTPUPSAVE} ${PUPSAVEBACKUPDIR}${SAVEFILE}0 # cp -a ${SMNTPT}${SAVEPATH}${SAVEFILE} ${PUPSAVEBACKUPDIR}${SAVEFILE}0 cp -a /initrd/mnt/dev_save${SAVEFILE} ${PUPSAVEBACKUPDIR}${SAVEFILE}0 sync fi fi fi fi ------------------------------ Maybe not the best implementation, but it sure works nicer than having to reboot pfix=ram. The way it works is that it prints out a message asking to backup. If no response for 20 sec. or response is "n", it just continues on as usual; otherwise it copies the pupsave. I had trouble with the copy so had to hard code; probably someone more experienced could get it working right. This is a major improvement in convenience.

Username: BarryK
"Well, maybe I can sneak Gposil's little wallpaper app in. I'm not sure, being ultra cautious from now on. Gposil, I'll send you a pm in case you don't read this, but I was wondering if you could screen out image names starting with ORIGINAL-* as my image-cropper program uses those as backups of the original uncropped images, and they are stored in the same directory as the modified images.

Username: gposil
"Yes i've PM'd you Barry with the details and the starter script now screens out the "ORIGINAL"

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