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QUISP documentation, problem

August 01, 2009 — BarryK
I have created a HOWTO page, that is builtin to Puppy. The main Puppy Help page has a link to it, and it is actually located at /usr/share/doc/HOWTO_quisp_shsql.htm.

I have also put the complete HTML documentation into the 'devx' SFS file. When the 'devx' file is loaded, this documentation can be found at /usr/share/doc/quisp and /usr/share/doc/shsql. The HOWTO page also links to these pages.

I decided that I don't have to write a getting-started page, as the complete HTML documentation also has excellent introductory exercises. There are exercises in /usr/share/doc/quisp/basics.html that are a series of simple HTML pages that you can create. You have to create these in /root/Web-Server/Quisp/pages and point the web browser at them -- when Hiawatha is running, the URL would be which will serve the web page /root/Web-Server/Quisp/pages/example1.

A problem
The accursed "403 permissions" error has returned. The QUISP examples worked fine, until I got to an example database of artist's paintings, that is editable. It's the editing that does not work. So, Hiawatha won't let me write to files ...and I thought that I had been so careful setting things up. Grumble, grumble. Well, I'll test with nullhttpd, which is far less fussy, just to eliminate other factors, then come back and attempt to fix Hiawatha.


Bug in Hiawatha
Username: BarryK
Well, well, it turns out to be a bug in Hiawatha. I have worked on this all day. I fiddled with directory and file permissions until I was thorough sick of it. I played with a couple of other web servers, Monkey and Abyss, but ran into problems with both. But, I eventually narrowed it down, and have posted a bug report to the Hiwawatha forum:

Username: SouthPaws1
" Hey Barry... would this be of any interest?

Username: BarryK
"Thanks for the link. I might give it a spin, as it certainly is tiny. We used to use Nullhttpd in Puppy, which works with QUISP -- however Keith Silva posted in the forum back around 2007 I think, that Nullhttpd was not quite up-to-it and he changed over to Abyss which worked perfectly. I think also Nullhttpd has security issues.

Bug in Hiawatha
Username: growler
"It looks as though Hugo Leisink is pretty careful with his code wrt security - and perhaps a more friendly report of the problem might have saved a lot of time. I too have spend many hours with permissions issues with Hiawatha config. Looks like this SecureURL = no may well be the answer - one wonders what other implications result though.

Username: BarryK
"I didn't know that my report was unfriendly. Oh well, it is interesting sometimes what other people read into a post, something that was never intended. Anyway, I don't think Hugo took my report as "unfriendly" in any way. He responded extremely promptly, which I'm very impressed with. That's one of the great things about Hiawatha, the developer is very actively involved with it. Anyway, I have contacted Steve Grubb, the developer of QUISP, and let him know about the revitalisation of QUISP in Puppy, and about the security issue with Hiawatha. I don't think Steve has worked on QUISP for a couple of years at least, but he might be motivated to do some more work now that QUISP is back in Puppy. Both QUISP and Hiawatha are such superb products, the guys Hugo and Steve rate very highly in my opinion. So if anything ever comes across as "unfriendly" it's because I'm often working at a rapid pace, posting messages that may be a bit brief and straight to the point. Man, if only you knew how many hours I work on Puppy every day! Sometimes from about 5am to midnight!

Username: gposil
"Barry, This may be worth a look..its also in the debian main repo.

web server info
Username: SouthPaws1
"Hey Barry... here's were I saw fnord. and here's some more info...

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