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QUISP is in!

August 01, 2009 — BarryK
I don't know why I took QUISP out before, I should have persevered with it. Anyway, I have now got it working with Hiawatha and it will be in 4.3beta1. The other two, SQLiteDBMS and SQLiteManager, are going out.

The QUISP pet package '' is 217KB, or 904KB expanded, but half of that is a tutorial, so it really is tiny. That includes the SHSQL backend and a heap of CLI utilities.

The great thing about QUISP is that it is not just a frontend for SHSQL, it is a frontend for anything. It enables you to easily put anything into a web page, and have all kinds of interactivity.

There is a product called Ploticus that adds sophisticated real-time graphs to QUISP-generated web pages. There is also another product called EasyTimeline for adding timeline graphs. I intend to add these in the future.

The tutorial is quite good. The menu 'Business --> QUISP dynamic web interface' runs /usr/sbin/quisp_shell which launches Hiawatha and brings up the QUISP tutorial. I have described it as a "dynamic web interface" in the menu as SHSQL is only a small part of what QUISP can do.

I have started to write my own HOWTO, which is describing how to create a simple web page with QUISP tags in it. It doesn't even use SHSQL, I just want a page with text entry, buttons and real-time display of some system data. After that I might write a more ambitious HOWTO. For now though, I just want to describe simple steps A, B, C to show how easy it is to get started.

Ploticus homepage:
EasyTimeline homepage:


ploticus is great
Username: cliuser
I had been using matplotlib, but am converting over to ploticus. In particular, note the lightweight text data input files used by both quisp and ploticus.

QUISP and Ploticus
Username: BarryK
"Yes, there's a little example database of artist's paintings that illustrates what I am on about with QUISP, it's great potential for Puppy (currently not fully functional because of a bug in Hiawatha but we should get that sorted). The same guy has developed QUISP and Ploticus, and he has a source package with both of them together (named "quisp_pl") so that they are highly integrated. Right now I'm testing the QUISP-only package, once I have it running nicely I'll upgrade to quisp_pl.

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