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"fontconfig development files missing"

August 26, 2009 — BarryK
Coolpup recently informed me that the development files for fontconfig were missing in 4.3 pre-beta. I replied that they are present.

Right now I'm compiling WINE, and when I ran the configure script it complained that fontconfig and libGL development files are missing. This reminded me of the earlier report from coolpup. I double-checked, they are present.

The problem is that the configure scripts of some applications are extremely dumb. Even though the '/usr/lib/pkgconfig/fontconfig.pc' informs that the development files are to be found under /usr/X11R7, the configure script won't look there.
However, if you run these export operations before running configure, that should fix it:

# export CPPFLAGS='-I/usr/X11R7/include'
# export LDFLAGS='-L/usr/X11R7/lib'

There aren't many distros that use /usr/X11R7. The Puppy 4.x series does because the original packages were compiled in T2 and that's how T2 does it. Ditto for kirk's Tpup.


Saw the problem in Debian too

wine 1.1.28
Username: technosaurus
"I have compiled 1.1.28 on 4.2.1 with all the wine dependencies except hal and capi (had to add missing alsa dev files) the package contains latest winetools and MU's color setter as well additional "soft" dependencies include gnutls, esound, jack, gphoto2, xorg_dri_full and openldap (It is actually the glx files that are missing provided by the full dri package) I just use the -x-includes and -x-libraries flags

CUPS 1.4.0
Username: happypuppy
"CUPS 1.4.0 Printing Server Brings New Interface ------------------------------------------------ On the same day as the release of the Mac OS X 10.6 operating system, which contains many printing improvements among its new feature set, the Apple-owned CUPS project has come out with version 1.4.0. CUPS 1.4 offers improvements to its web interface (including a brand new look), CUPS DDK tools, Bonjour printing support, many scheduler improvements, and over 67 other changes. The CUPS 1.4.0 release announcement can be read at The CUPS documentation details some of what's new in this major update.

PBurn 3.0.0 is out - a MASSIVE improvement
Username: happypuppy
"PBurn 3.0.0 is out - a MASSIVE improvement Version 3.0.0, 29.Aug 2009 ---------------------------- - Dougal has helped with tons of bash improvements - Show disc size / free space - Overburning support - Burn iso-image to a multisession disc - Tooltips support - New tool: Show disc info - Rebuilt search - Searchpath-option in preferences - Ask for autoblank feature if trying to burn data to a closed RW disc - Autodetect media when copy data disc - Accept iso-images with uncommon extensions, -like *frm - Reorganized 'advanced' tab - New language-filename syntax - en_US:english - Improved gui when using no theme - if burning iso with 'pup' in filename, show message about multisession options - Change mount -t iso9660 to mount -t auto to be more compatible with udf - Show splash when changing burnmode to audio/video - New parameter -r: Reset all settings/ Reinstall helpfile - Reinstall helpfile variables when helpfile/NLS is updated - Themes 'Mini' and 'Pburn_original' is updated with green/red progressbar - Bugfix: Multisession handling of DVD+RW discs - Bugfix: Allow filenames including \ in burnlist - Bugfix: Use -i parameter and list not existing (ie. call from fotoxx) - Bugfix: Speed parameter syntax - Bugfix: Move items 8/9 in burnlist - Bugfix: Burn video slideshow without background music - Bugfix: Define only video_ts/audio_ts in burnlist in video mode - Bugfix: Add file that exist in burnlist in another dir - Bugfix: Remove items inside a removed dir also removed similar files outside removed dir - Bugfix: Show Pburn version in log-file - Bugfix: Remove temporary shrank-file after video-copy - NLS: Added more locales - NLS: Changed somelocales - NLS: Removed some locales - NLS Help: Overburn info is added to {3.2} - NLS Help: Removed info about 'media' in chapter {1} - NLS Help: Updated search info in chapter {3.1}

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