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Satellite Internet works well

August 24, 2009 — BarryK
I'm a kid with a new toy, love this new satellite system!
Here's a photo of the ipstar IPX-3200 "modem":

You can see the power supply in the background. This thing sits vertically for optimum passive convection cooling.


New satellite box
Username: tronkel
It may look like and ordinary sort of computer add-on device -but this is no ordinary gadget. This little box will provide the gateway from Perenjori to the external user-space of the whole of the Linux world. With this little box, many bytes of Linux code will exit and find their way into the wide world and do who knows how much OS good for the OS end-users of the world (and the opposite to you-know-who. Clue:begins with 'M' and ends with 't') all from one little box somewhere in Oz!

Satellite box
Username: tronkel
"Forgot to mention, that from the photo, it seems to sit rather near to the table edge. Don't go and accidentally knock it off the table will you? - otherwise we'll never get to see the end of you-know-who! (see previous post for clue)

Username: ttuuxxx
"cool looking modem Barry, but wheres the pic of the satellite itself, Since that would be the real muscle behind this new connection you have :) ttuuxxx

Username: gposil
"Glad you got the sat up and running...I use skymesh also...1024/256-2Gb/6Gb will have less problems than the eastern states, the ground station for IPStar is in WA...sometimes it gets a bit iffy over here, but way better than dialup or nothing. I find late at night Oz time the speed gets better also, I have no probs upping to my US server at over 200Kb/s ... Cheers Guy

Satellite Internet
Username: Frank Cox
"I tried to get the satellite Internet here to work on Puppy , no luck. It works on any windows or mac through the Ethernet cable. Incompatible Ethernet card perhaps? Anyone had similar problems?

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