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SeaMonkey Adblock off

August 05, 2009 — BarryK
SeaMonkey in 4.3pre-beta has the Adblock addon, which is great for those on dialup. However I think it might be annoying for most users, when they see their web pages not rendering "right" or as they expected from before.

So, I have modified the 'seamonkey_addon_adblock' PET package so that it now defaults to "off".


adblock plus and noscript
Username: Killerhippy
Hi, I am running puppy 4.2.1 with default seamonkey v1.1.15 and have the addons - adblock plus v1.0.2 - noscript running smoothly. My advice is to use them both. If you are keen on enabling scripts, it's easy to do it temporarily or permanently. The same goes for ads. I can surf the internet _reading_ sites. :-)

Username: lwill
"Just wondered if any one else found it odd that a while back there was some discussion about the adds on the Puppy forum, and the fact that Seamonkey (w/adblock) in Puppy blocked them any way by default. I found it a bit funny. Lyle

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