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SFS loading bugfix, continued

August 17, 2009 — BarryK
I was going to post this as a comment to the previous post, but it's too long.

For the record, the bug in 'init' was a dumb little thing. The path was wrong. In the code below, the 'find' line removes the leading '.' in the path. The current directory had previously been set to $OLFILESMNTPT, which is /pup_rw (or in the case of PUPMODE=13 it is /pup_ro2) which is the save-file. The fix is I needed to put ${OLDFILESMNTPT} in front of ${ONEOPAQUE}:
 #need to cleanup whiteout files if a new .sfs layer has been added...

if [ "$NEWUNIONRECORD" != "" -o "$PPURGE" = "yes" ];then
#find all .wh.__dir_opaque files at the OLDFILESMNTPT layer...
find ./ -noleaf -type f -name ".wh.*" | sed -e 's/^\.//g' |
while read ONEOPAQUE #example: /usr/src/.wh.__dir_opaque
WHBASE="`basename $ONEOPAQUE`"
if [ "$WHBASE" != ".wh.__dir_opaque" ];then
#example, .wh.bin alongside bin directory means it is deleted...
ONEDEL="`echo -n "$WHBASE" | sed -e 's/^\.wh\.//g'`"
BASEDIR="`basename $ONEDIR`"
[ "$BASEDIR" != "$ONEDEL" ] && continue
#if same dir exists lower layer, then wipe the opaque file... v424 fix path...
[ -d /pup_ro3${ONEDIR} ] && rm -f ${OLDFILESMNTPT}${ONEOPAQUE}
[ -d /pup_ro4${ONEDIR} ] && rm -f ${OLDFILESMNTPT}${ONEOPAQUE}
[ -d /pup_ro5${ONEDIR} ] && rm -f ${OLDFILESMNTPT}${ONEOPAQUE}
[ -d /pup_ro6${ONEDIR} ] && rm -f ${OLDFILESMNTPT}${ONEOPAQUE} #v412
[ -d /pup_ro7${ONEDIR} ] && rm -f ${OLDFILESMNTPT}${ONEOPAQUE} #v424
[ -d /pup_ro8${ONEDIR} ] && rm -f ${OLDFILESMNTPT}${ONEOPAQUE} #v424
[ -d /pup_ro9${ONEDIR} ] && rm -f ${OLDFILESMNTPT}${ONEOPAQUE} #v424
cd /

The above fix is only for directories. The problem of files "coming back" can occur for both Unionfs and Aufs. At a version upgrade, the 'init' script also checks that the "official" files are visible on top. So if you have deleted an official .desktop file, it will come back. If you have replaced an official file with another, the official one will only come back if it is a newer modify date.


Upgrade annoyance

can you help me ? my teacher
Username: wuxiandianzi
"the kernel of the 4.1.2 is so I want to compile the kernel to the I have saved my pup_save.2fs file into my disk sda1 and put the devx_412.sfs together,it can runing GCC right. frist: I download the linux- into /usr/src folder then # cd /usr/src # tar -zxf linux- so I got a folder of linux- then # ln -sf linux- linux Second: # cd /usr/src/linux- # make clean # make mrproper then copy "DOTconfig-K2.6.29.1-17APR09-TICKS-UNIPROC" to the folder of /usr/src/linux- and rename as ".config" then # make menuconfig I loaded the".config" and I did not change anything,then saved as .config too. # make bzImage it was about 40 min later. i got the bzImage in the folder /usr/src/linux-

can you help me ? my teacher
Username: wuxiandianzi
"third: # cd /usr/src/linux- # make modules # make modules_install about 50 min later I found a new folder"" in the /lib/modules/ it contains "kernel/ " "modules.alias" ,"modules.dep" and so on about 12 files the I open the "pup_412.sfs" and copy all to /mnt/sda2/pup412/, I delete the folder /lib/modules/ and put the folder "" there! then # cd /mnt/sda2 # mksquashfs pup412 pup_412.sfs 5 min later. I got the pup_412.sfs the end: I copy initrd.gz from ISO into /mnt/sda2/initrd then # cd /mnt/sda2/initrd # gzip -d initrd.gz # cpio -i -d initrd I got alot of folders I changed the----"modules.alias" ,"modules.dep" and so on about 12 files and the folder"kernel" in /lib/modules/ then renmae as then # find . | cpio -o -H newc > ../initrd.img # cd ../ # gzip -9 initrd.img I got initrd.gz I copy the pup_412.sfs initrd.gz vmlinuz to make iso by tools then I boot from cdrom it dispy: setting up the layered filesystem..... failed Dumping last lines of /tmp/bootinit.log.. can not rename "" ,no this folder or file.. mount: /dev/sro is write-protectd, mounting red-only.... and so on pausing for 60 seconds

can you help me ? my teacher
Username: wuxiandianzi
"here is the picture:

Compiling the kernel
Username: BarryK
"You must have done something wrong, I don't know what. It is far easier to do a full hard drive install of Puppy and use that for compiling kernels. The live-CD requires the Unionfs 3rd-party driver to work, perhaps you left that out. And the squashfs driver. Neither of these will be needed to boot a full hd installed Puppy.

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