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Themes, background reshaping

August 18, 2009 — BarryK
I have been experimenting with some themes. I have put together a couple that look nice, will narrow that down to one for 4.3beta2.

One issue with 'Nathan Wallpaper Setter' is that I can't filter out the backup original images, that I have prefixed with 'ORIGINAL-*'.
Instead, I have modified /usr/sbin/background_reshape so that the original images are saved elsewhere.

One thing odd about Nathan Wallpaper Setter is that the file-chooser window shows thumbnails sometimes, sometimes not. I test right now, and yes, there are the thumbnails ...ah ha, I just did an experiment, changed to a different directory and the image icons did not show. It must have something to do with what the current-directory is set to when gtkdialog file-chooser is run. ...I'll look into it.


Username: trio
Barry I am interested to know that file chooser can show thumbnails? ... did you already figure this out? Thanks

File icons
Username: Nathan F
"My memory is sketchy but I think the gtkdialog file chooser will display icons only if they are already cached, IE if you have Rox-Filer set to display icons and have already opened that folder in the filer. I could, however, be mistaken. It's an easy thing to check, but I've been running a different OS for a number of months. As for filtering, that would require a fairly substantial rewrite of the gui. Right now it just uses a file selector widget. That *could* be modified to use a tree view widget, but would then also require code to generate the contents of the tree in the format gtkdialog understands. I personally never saw a need for that kind of complexity. I was going for good function with as simple of code as possible.

gtkdialog chooser
Username: BarryK
"Hi Nathan, No need for filtering now. Ah, that explains it! I did have another look at the code, and couldn't figure out what made the icons appear. Hmmm, if we could somehow tell rox to create those thumbnails without actually bringing up it's own window... That reminds me of something, I think I saw a thumbnail maker utility somewhere. I wonder if any of the netpbm utilities would do that?

Icon generation
Username: Nathan F
"There was a small utility that MU had written back when he wrote his old background setter (the one that was written in PuppyBasic). I think it was called resamplefixedhight. Anyway, I've used it for a couple other things and it is very fast. It wouldn't be hard to write a script to create icons. However, I'm completely in the dark as to the naming convention used to classify the cached icons in ~/.thumbnails. I would imagine there is a spec published somewhere and my best guess would be to look on for it. As for getting Rox-Filer to cache the icons I have no idea how that would be done. I knew early on when I wrote the background setter that this would be an issue, which is why I included a "View" button, as well as including some common image viewers in the View menu. I may have some free time and I'd be willing to do some more work on the background setter if you would like. I would need any changes you have made so I can start with the latest code, and some idea what other functionality you would like to see. Let me know.

Thumbnail generation
Username: Nathan F
"I did some investigating and came up with this - Basically you take the URI of the file (file:///path-to-file) and generate a MD5 hash for the URI (not for the file), and then create a 128x128 pixel, 8-bit png image which gets saved in ~/.thumbnails/normal, using the MD5 hash as the filename plus the .png extension. It should be possible to create a script to cache any image files in a given directory. However, I'm not sure how to call such a script each time the directory is changed in the background setter. That could be a showstopper.

Latest wallpaper pet
Username: BarryK
"The latest is on ibiblio, currently v0.5.3:

Background thumbnails
Username: BarryK
"Nathan, Maybe we will just support thumbnails in /usr/share/backgrounds Note, Gposil has an alternative wallpaper app that has small previews. I think that has gone into Dpup.

Username: gposil
"Yes Barry, The setter with previews has gone into dpup, and I should have the all pup version ready in a day or two.

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