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Video test collection

August 31, 2009 — BarryK
I have uploaded some of the video files that I use for testing media players in Puppy:

If you have compiled a new release of ffmpeg, xine-lib, Gxine, Mplayer, or whatever, and want to assess it's suitability for use in Puppy, this collection is useful. All of the above files play with both audio and video in Puppy 4.1.2 and 4.3beta, which has a fairly old version of ffmpeg and xine-lib.

My testing with more recent releases of ffmpeg has given patchy results. One thing to watch out for is choppy audio playback (to the extent that it is unintelligible) -- especially with the Lindows RealMedia file. Some media players may also have missing audio or video with certain files -- even if you have all the required codecs.

Video DVDs should also be tested. In particular, the media player needs to be able to display and navigate the initial menu that most DVDs have -- Mplayer is an example that fails dismally here, all versions.

This file has links to further audio/video test files:

IT_Pro.wmv is very amusing!


Happypuppy's Video Test Files
Username: happypuppy
Here's a very good test video: Download the .zip file,extract the .WMV and play it. If you can get this video to play (correctly) in Puppy,then you have an excellent codec/player combo. I'll post some more test files later.

More test videos
Username: happypuppy
"Test Video #2: This is an example of a standard FLV video you'll most likely download from YouTube. Open SeaMonkey,go to this page: and wait until the video loads completely. Then go to /tmp ,rename the ~30 megabyte FlashXXXXX file to something else (append a number or a letter) so the file doesn't get deleted after you close the browser. Then close SeaMonkey and try to play the file with GXine.

Username: BarryK
"Happypuppy, I tried the sunrise .wmv file, plays audio but no video. Tried in 4.3beta with the old ffmpeg. Are you able to do anything to get the video to play? -- and still using the standard ffmpeg and xine-lib of 4.x?

About the second test video
Username: happypuppy
"Barry,have you tried the second video (the train trip FLV)? GXine doesn't like this video too (no audio and no video this time) If you try to download the video with You2Pup,you'll get a completely different file (.MP4) This is [u]not[/u] the same file. The FLV version is of much higher quality. .MP4 files from YouTube are (usually) re-encoded (downgraded) versions of the original (.FLV) file.

ALSA 1.0.21 is out!
Username: happypuppy
"A highly recommended update: The ALSA driver package update (finally) brings the Creative X-Fi Linux driver officially along with a horde of updates to the other drivers and more. Another driver used by many Linux users is the HDA codec driver, which now supports many new notebooks and other sound devices. The USB audio support for ALSA has received numerous improvements in ALSA 1.0.21. Aside from these improvements,there are hordes of bugfixes for the existing drivers in this release.

Opera 10 FINAL for Puppy
Username: happypuppy
"Much better than SeaMonkey 1.x: Opera 10 + Qt 4.5.2 libs + latest Flash 10 plugin + AdBlock + lots of extras in a small 16MB package :)

Username: Dougal
"The reason youtube flash doesn't work is probably them changing the default from the "old" (h263, mono mp3) flash format (aka fmt=5) to the new (h264, stereo AAC) flash (aka fmt=34). Thus the requirement for flash 9 or above and why the old ffmpeg doesn't work with it. The problem with the wmv file is probably the same: a too new revision of wmv for the old ffmpeg to support.

streaming video
Username: nancy reagan
"Being a non-tweaker I am not sure whether this is of any use but ... Up till recently we could watch Dutch National TV Broadcasts (kinda BBC) "the day after" online. At just by clicking "bekijk uitzending" and gxine player started up etc. But until recently msg = "The xine engine failed to start. No demuxer found - stream format not recognised". On the forums several tips but only with "tricks" you can make it "work" again. 1. After installing mplayer-plugin and clicking on the "white screen" and when it stops "right click" and copy url in gxine player. Then it plays and no "stream format not recognized". Some people on the forums reported they could play it right away ? ... Been thinking of "silverlight" for they mentioned "moonlight" here and there. But probably not, for with trics with mplayer-plugin it "works". 2. I once did the "about:config" as in the topic mentioned underneath, I think in FF and it worked, not in SM. Tried the new Opera "not out of the box". Maybe my report is of no avail, but if you don't shoot you always miss.

Username: mysticmarks
"So i was playing with the latest woof and modified the scripts to attempt slackware 13.0. I only had 2 failed files, one of which did not exist in the repos.(it was liboldX) I left the fall back for 12.2 for pet purposes. I was curious about a few things with the 0123 scripts. Can you bypass the scripts and just fill the package directory with the desired packages before building? I know the intent was to have an uninstall list, but i do have a preselected set of additional packages i want to include. I'm really interested in woofing a barebone pup with slack 13. I must admit i've been chewing on every morsel of woof and have been learning more about puppy than ever before. Thanks for being an adventurer Barry.

Woof packages
Username: BarryK
"Mysticmarks, Just edit DISTRO_PKG_SPECS-slackware, change the yes/no fields, create new entries as required.

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