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You2pup 1.1

August 13, 2009 — BarryK
Forum member trio, you sure are busy! Do you want to usurp zigbert as most prolific Puppy developer

This little app is for downloading Youtube videos. It's another little gap in our suite of apps, so I have put it in. Forum thread:

One question:
Is it possible, if you have a Youtube video playing in the web browser, to just point at the video and drag it to the downloader?
We can have drag-and-drop support for gtkdialog apps (see Xdelta and Bcrypt GUIs), but I'm wondering if the intuitive action of dragging the video itself could be made to work.

That's it as far as putting in new apps. I'm now building 4.3beta1 and testing it today.
I left out Gposil's neat little wallpaper app as it doesn't have integration with my image reshaper script, and there may be some subtle factors -- where the Nathan Wallpaper scripts are required -- there is one script that Pwallpaper (Pwallset) doesn't have, that I have a nagging feeling gets called by something, I just can't recall exactly.
So, playing ultra safe.


Username: trio
yes, busy! :happy: Can't compete with Sigmund though, he's my teacher! I'll see about the drag & drop thing

drag & drop video
Username: trio
"I just checked, it is not possible to click on the video and drag to you2pup. BUT, what's possible is you can click on the URL box in the youtube website, then it's highlited and drag/drop the URL to the URL box in you2pup. Hah, I didn't know this before. Off topic, do you have a refresh X script by big bass? I pm'd him and post a reply on the thread, but no response yet

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