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4.3: not there yet

September 18, 2009 — BarryK
Still uploading. Right now it's 1.30am, I have just got up and recommenced uploading.

My satellite connection died at 9.30pm so I went to bed.

That's the downside of satellite Internet, very unreliable. At least, that has been my experience.

It was the same story with my previous satellite provider. With the previous provider, the sync with the satellite would drop out frequently.
With my current provider there appears to still be a connction with the satellite, judging from the lights on the satellite-modem, but nothing happens.

When "nothing happens", and I'm using gFTP to do a transfer, gFTP just sits there indefinitely, never times out, nothing, just waits. I find it best to just power off and try again later.

Anyway, here we are at 1.36am and it's working.

I got a warning from my provider that my quota is just about used up -- then I get shaped to dialup speed. But, I think there's a bit more available on the off-peak quota, which is what I'm using now.

Enough rambling.


dial-up next time?
Username: dogone
If ibiblio is throttling uploads to just 10K, might you be better off uploading isos via dial-up? Encountering network issues in 430. Will advise via forum.

It's out !!! Puppy 4.3 - the fastest Linux distro on Earth :)
Username: panzerpuppy
"Puppy 4.3 Final is out and it's really fast! For best performance, get the small ISO :)

4.3: not yet
Username: BarryK
"Everything uploaded, but I can't announce it yet as the main pup-430.iso has not yet properly propagated through to the mirrors. Some mirrors have an incomplete file.

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