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4.3 release schedule

September 08, 2009 — BarryK
I have got the Perth Royal Show gig coming up again this year. Those of you who have monitored my blog for over a year will know of this. I have worked there as a "Pavilion Steward" for the last couple of years, in a pavilion that has displays of the various regions of Western Australia. Here is a snapshot of my Midwest region from last year:

What I would like to do is get 4.3final out before that, and I'm aiming for the 18th September. The Royal Show starts sometime after that, but I want some leeway to handle feedback immediately after 4.3final is released -- as I won't have much Internet access while in Perth this time. I'll be in Perth about 2 weeks -- I work at the show from about 1 week before it starts, helping construction and general setup in the pavilion, then the actual Show runs for about 1 week.

So, I plan to upload 4.3beta3 about 5-6 days from now.

The alternative is that I delay 4.3final until about mid-October, but would prefer not to do that.

Perth Royal Agricultural Show home page:


4.3 release date
Username: dogone
The decision is completely up to you, Barry. I believe however that 424 is so good that few, if any, would mind waiting until mid-October. Beta 2 is very usable and if the extra weeks would mean more time to mull and recover your perspective, then they might well be worth the wait. A great big thank you for the progress to date. 4.3 will be stellar.

Slow Puppy
Username: cthisbear
"Barry: Take the extra time to make a great Puppy. We have so much variety in our Puplets, so what we really need is a stable base. Flash must work, browsers don't go down, and all our media codecs, links... whatever just work. Please speed Slowly. And enjoy your time at the show. Chris.

Release date
Username: BarryK
"I won't force things, the post is just a statement of how I would like it to pan out. I would prefer to to be free of 4.3 by the time the Show starts, have a nice time doing simple manual no-brainer work for awhile, then return and start on something new.

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