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4.3final by Saturday 19th Sept.

September 12, 2009 — BarryK
I intend to have 4.3 final out by the end of the week.

After that, I am having a break for a couple of weeks, not really a break but doing something completely different.
I confess, I'm getting a bit burnt-out, need a change.

So guys, when beta3 becomes available, test it and I'll put in a good effort at fixing anything that needs fixing before the final.

The emphasis is now on fixing important bugs only. No upgrades unless absolutely essential.
There will of course be small bugs that can be held over for a later version.

Um yes, after 4.3 is released, we have to discuss who will coordinate 4.4. I would prefer to get back onto Woof core development and some other things. I was wondering, perhaps our old "community edition" model should be looked at again.


4.3 derivative
Username: linuxcbon
I plan to make a derivative from 4.3 Some questions : - why do you prefer seamonkey over firefox ? size ? speed ? - why not mplayer instead of gxine ? any bugs in mplayer ? - do you know gpicview ? it seems a nice image viewer. - for configure compiling, what do you think of these settings : --prefix=/usr --host=i386-linux --enable-shared - Do you use O2 in gcc compile ? I could coordinate 4.4 or at least help :p

Username: lobster
"forum discussion Wiki page

Username: MU
"mirror: user: puppy password: linux As I write this, these files are available, further (like SCSI) follow later: - devx_425.sfs - pup-425.iso - zp425305.sfs The Kernel sources are here: I assume, that they are identical with those from beta2, else I have to update them. Mark

Future Coordinator nominee
Username: Tom B
"If willing to I would encourage "Grey" to be the coordinator of 4.4 He does a great job with NOP and BoxPup with what I think are the best of the puppy derivatives. They are lightweight, fast, and elegant. Grey also has the wisdom on the threads for his puplets to only address essential posts and questions and never gets bogged down in controversy.

Future Coordinator nominee
Username: ttuuxxx
"I vote for "Warren" aka WhoDo, he's around I bet, I also bet if we ask him nicely he'll step up to the plate. ttuuxxx

Username: Branden Hughes
"Hello, my name is Branden and I am a big fan of puppy linux. It is my favorite linux distro and the only one I use at the time being. The only problem I see is that you guys are updating puppy linux to often. Updates are to many to soon. My 4.2 puppy linux works perfectly fine and it wasn't even that long ago that 4.2 was released. I just don't see the need for this many updates and i'm finding its hard to keep up. It's nice to see that you guys are all highly motivated people, but it just seems unnecessary when we've barely had enough time to fully enjoy 4.2 and your already coming out with 4.3. What's the point? IMO one fully tested complete update a year would be sufficient. Such as 5.0 in 2010 and 6.0 in 2011 without all of these smaller updates. I started with version 4.1.2 then upgraded to 4.2.1 but now i'm just going to stop updating altogether and just stick with 4.2 until 5.0 comes out. Thats my 2 cents on the issue. It just seems pointless.

Username: Pizzasgood
"Maybe it works fine for you. Does it work fine for everybody? Not likely. As you have realized, nobody is forcing you to upgrade. I often skip upgrading because I'm just lazy. After Puppy 2.14 came out, I just used that until we got to 4.0. I made a puplet for somebody that was based on 3.x, but my daily use Puppy was derived from 2.14. Never used 3.x for a daily OS at all. See, the way we do things now, the user has an option. If he wants to upgrade to the latest and greatest often, he can. If he'd rather wait, he can skip a couple versions. But if we did a yearly release instead, there would be no more option. The user would have to wait whether he wants to or not.

Username: james c
"I prefer the puppy way.....instead of constantly downloading upgrades every few days just reinstall a new version of Puppy when you choose to. I also run a Debian Lenny install and just last night I downloaded 32 upgrades.....and that occurs quite often.Puppy is better.

4.4 CE
Username: james c
" The coordinator for 4.4 needs to be someone who is prepared to deal with the upcoming diatribes about "Puppy's mission" and "needs to be easier for Window's refugees".The coordinator needs to stay focused and not get distracted by the kind of "stuff" that occured while building 4.20.

Gentoo-like model!
Username: Iguleder
"I think we should combine the two! A "Puppy council" that consists of community members, chosen by community members, and a "dictator". I think that key decisions should be taken by the community and not by one person.

Username: mysticmarks
"@Barry- I second Gray. He has made good work of the xfce builds. However, i really would like to see pizzasgood and whodo head package selection and graphics. They can listen to requests and review art, then pick the most logical and nicest. sidenotes--I have been tearing up puppy from nose to tail. I've had some breakthroughs, and am hybridizing in some crazy ways. I have successfully compiled 2 working alpha builds with very few bugs. When done, we will have a completely new distro which i'm positive will amaze everyone with new logic and ease in a near puppy size. Initrd has changed. The final puzzle piece is going to be the biggest challenge. I'm designing a decentralized repo system like nothing else out there. Im also taking a new approach on open source. This system has been designed from the ground up to feel as though it is it's own cognitive entity. As the user, you are addressed directly from boot to desktop by the system. All prompts and info have been designed in this manner. The system basically says for instance, "hello "username", Give me a moment to whatever..." etcetera. in this way there is no mystery for even the newest users. Every aspect of info provided as output is being screened for absolute clarity of the process or condition occuring. I'm so excited. I just wish I new some code pros close to home to meet with instead of doing this mission solo. (When i get comfortable at beta, each of you should take a look. I believe you will all be saying to yourselves,"Oh! This makes complete sense.")

Username: BarryK
"mysticmarks, I'm most intrigued!

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