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Anjuta IDE for 4.3

September 29, 2009 — BarryK
Great news, forum member Wosh has created an SFS for the Anjuta C/C++ IDE, specifically for Puppy 4.3. Announcement and download here:

I haven't used Anjuta myself, but it sure does look good. Anjuta home:

Note, sometime ago there was talk about offering Vala support in Anjuta, but I don't know the current status on that.


man page fix
Username: technosaurus
I hacked together a fix for the man pages using google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" method and adding the word "man" to the search with just change the man script to this: #! /bin/bash defaulthtmlviewer ""$1""[code][/code]

Something you should see
Username: Iguleder
"It has nothing to do with Anjuta, but still... Barry, you should see this: I'm currently rebuilding my Woof-built Puppy with these fixes.

Bug tracker?
Username: BarryK
"You need to know the history on this. Puppy development is a "free for all", something to do with chaos theory. Development is on multiple fronts. Some people have looked into bug trackers, and perhaps sometime in the future a bug tracker may become a central point for reporting bugs. Probably after I have retired from the project.

ext4 fix
Username: BarryK
"Iguleder, Great, that will be in 4.3.1!

pxt packages
Username: technosaurus
"I made a couple small patches to petget to use xz compressed packages (.pxt) (needs xz and updated tar)here is a pet and a <7mb wine-1.1.30 test package to test(15MB as a pet) I don't know why pxt won't work as a mime type - to get it to install by clicking it had to be "octet stream" it takes longer to make a pxt but they install really fast

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