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Ayttm 0.6.0

September 15, 2009 — BarryK
I have been using snapshots from CVS for awhile, the most recent was 0.5.0-146. There were some small changes made since then and the new official release is now version 0.6.0. So, I have upgraded.

A note while I think of it... technosaurus has brought out a PET package of 0.6.0 but I think it is rather large. I don't know why, mine is 806KB, with all the modules. I mention this as it is something for technosaurus to look into why that is so... maybe an extra pkg bundled with it?


BFS and great news for Puppy
Username: happypuppy
A few weeks back Con Kolivas returned to the Linux kernel scene after parting ways with kernel development for two years. Con, who has contributed a great deal to the Linux kernel in the past particularly with CPU schedulers, returned and introduced BFS. BFS (not to be confused with the file-system of the same name) is a new scheduler for the Linux kernel that's designed for optimal performance on hardware that's more common with a majority of Linux desktop users, not massive data centers running dozens (and in some cases, hundreds) of CPUs. The BFS scheduler is designed to offer "extremely low latencies for excellent desktop UI performance, snappiness, uninterrupted media playback and interactivity". It makes the media performance of Linux a whole lot better: no video frames lost, no audio skips and no lag while having multiple heavy-duty tasks running in the background. Yesterday after reading the Phoronix post about BFS, and whatever Con had to say about his latest piece of code, I started compiling the kernel to see what BFS is good for. In the meantime I was trying to watch Federer's wonderball on youtube. I had to wait for the kernel compilation to finish. Now I'm watching the video in Opera, writing this in FF and my system is compiling VLC in the same time. FF scroll action is flawless, the video playback is flawless, vlc is happily compiling in the background. The only hickup is task switching, but I think that's KDE's fault not the BFS. So I guess that no matter what that speed tests say, for me at least BFS has reached it's target. Many thanks to Con Kolivas for doing it. You can apply this patch to k2.6.31 and have the ultimate Puppy kernel :)

look down
Username: technosaurus
"Barry, You didn't scroll down to my post. My package is actually only 714kb with all of the default plugins (the same ones as in 4.3b3) That was Michalis package. I already PMed him with some pointers for compiling smaller packages.

Smaller pkg
Username: BarryK
"technosaurus, Sorry about that. I was much too hasty. I have been speed-reading the forum. Trying to do many things to meet my deadline for 4.3.

Username: technosaurus
"Let me know if you need something compiled or recompiled. I have been making build scripts that compile all of the files at once rather than building interim objects (for better optimization)... I have already compiled new versions of a good number of the puppy packages. So far I have shaved almost ~2mb uncompressed I just wish we had some of the newer optimizations in gcc-4.4.1(-finline-small-functions is a big one but quite a few others)... hopefully in Puppy 5

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