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depmod has gone mad

September 18, 2009 — BarryK
Puppy 4.3 is using the Busybox 'depmod' applet because the full depmod uses too many resources.

However, the ALSA Sound Wizard needs the full depmod to work. Note, the full version is named 'depmod-FULL'.

But, depmod-FULL has gone crazy. It worked right up until a day or to ago. I modified the script /usr/sbin/alsaconf to run the full depmod, tested it, all was fine.

I have no idea why it has gone crazy. What it does is create /lib/modules/ that just keeps growing bigger and bigger until there is no memory left.

Hmmm, looks like we will need a service pack to fix this one.

Anyone want to have a go at compiling the latest module-init-tools package, see if they have fixed this problem?

Though, what the cause is, has me stumped. I wonder if one of the 3rd-party modules is causing the problem?

I had tested the ALSA Wizard very soon before releasing the final, so I thought hard, what changed before then and the final? ...ah, one thing, I put rerwin's 537 modem modules in. That's it, take them out and depmod-FULL works.

You will find them at /lib/modules/

This bug does not affect pup-430-small.iso, only the full size pup-430.iso.
I'm going to rebuild and re-upload it, without the 537 modules.


Puppy 4.3 & depmod

537 modules
Username: BarryK
"Yes, if you used pup-430.iso. Just delete the 537 modules in /lib/modules/

I found a bug???
"I boot from the puppy-430-small.iso from cd when I right click the icon on the desktop,it like this:[img][/img] And when I right click on the file in the "/",is like this :[img][/img] what's wrong?

Username: mysticmarks
"It affected woof the same. Depmod is nutty with my spup-430 build. Also, none of the text editors work either. Im going to build a dpup and archpup to see how they fair. Not to get you jealous Barry, but I unpacked woof, dl'ed all slack/pup packages, and built the iso/devx in 3 hours!(i have a broadband 16mb/sec)

New 4.3
Username: Sage
"The ibiblio entry stopped at 105Mb .iso, this evening; the previous upload with the dud intelmodem was ~110Mb. Is this correct or has there been another upload glitch? 5Mb of compressed filespace seems a lot?

430-small is good
Username: downsouth
"430-small reminds me of a corgi I once had - small, but so solid! Can't see anything vital missing. Wuxi: I couldn't replicate your problem - suggest using xorg rather than xvesa may fix it.

Username: BarryK
"Raffy, fixed.

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