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Developing a GUI for Woof

September 28, 2009 — BarryK
I have started writing a GUI frontend for Woof.

This will take Woof to a new level of ease-of-use. One thing it should do is make it easier to add or remove packages and repositories.


Username: Iguleder
I think that some community effort to fix the package tables should be made first, to create some "stable" Woof package, so all you have to do is to specify the kernel version. A GUI makes it easy to use ... but it needs to work with "no hassles" first, isn't it?

No hassles
Username: BarryK
"One major reason for the GUI is to reduce the hassles. Working on the GUI and working on reducing the hassles go hand-in-hand, that is, they are both tackled together. It's not that I just slap a GUI on top without improving usability.

Username: klhrevolutionist
"Congrats on the woof! Hopefully, you can now keep a stable solid base to give direction to future puppy CE releases. As well as allowing others to do spin-offs with re-branding and what not, choosing whichever distro base from the given selection (arch, debian, ubuntu, slackware) they want with the greatness of the puppylinux boot and hardware configure scripts. It took a long while to get to this point but now that you made it I just wished it had come sooner... The fiddlin around irritated quite a few of folk (includes himself). Anyway, I hope that you feel that you reached the point you were always desiring for. May ask what is next for BK ????

Username: ttuuxxx
"hi Barry, another forum member mentioned Fedora, I just wondering if you have thought about Fedora as another woof addition? Fedora does have a large following also and would make a nice addition. Well Its an idea :) Thanks once again ttuuxxx

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