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JWM theme changing works

September 09, 2009 — BarryK
There was a report that running JWM Config to change theme caused /root/.jwmrc-tray to get deleted, without any backup.

I'm sorry, but it works fine for me. And there is a backup created.

If you do experience a problem, then you need to document the exact steps, and make sure it is reproducable.


works for me
Username: 01micko
I don't have a problem either changing JWM.. as a matter of fact I started a forum thread on theming to encourage some more ideas, using the current wallpaper (alloy look puppy image) as a starting point... Cheers

It doesn't work in this case
Username: happypuppy
"It doesn't work if you manually edit the .jwmrc-tray file an then use the GUI to change the JWM theme. This worked in 4.12 and 4.2

kernel is out
Username: happypuppy
"kernel was released today. Long changelog:

Username: BarryK
"happypuppy, Ok, but I would still like an exact example. There are probably a zillion ways in which the file could be edited and still not cause the bug. Hah, hah hah! The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence! Like ALSA 1.0.21, very tempting, lots of bug fixes. But, have to stick with what we are now using, kernel and ALSA 1.0.20 for pup 4.3.

A surefire way to trigger the .jwmrc-tray bug!
Username: happypuppy
"Boot puppy from a CD with pfix=ram Change the JWM theme with the JWM Configuration Manager and then browse to the /root directory to check the files. You can see something very fishy here: .jwmrc-tray.bak is not an exact copy of .jwmrc-tray (the files are not the same!) The JWM theme switcher truncates 6 TAB spaces from the original file when it saves the backup. The text between the blinky and xload <swallow> lines is affected. If you manually delete the 3 lines for xload (or blinky) from .jwmrc-tray, save the file and change the theme with the GUI, the taskbar disappears and Puppy creates an empty .jwmrc-tray file in /root

JWM config
Username: BarryK
"Looking in /usr/local/jwmconfig2/theme-switcher, I think that I can see what the problem is. [code] cp -f $TrayFile $TrayFileBak GetLineIndex "blinkydelayed" linenumber=$? echo $linenumber GetLineIndex "xload -nolabel" linenumber2=$? echo $linenumber2 lineNumber=`expr $linenumber` lineNumber2=`expr $linenumber2` blinkyline=" blinkydelayed -bg \"$BackgroundColor\"" xloadline=" xload -nolabel -fg red -hl white -bg \"$IndentedBackgroundColor\"" sed -e "$lineNumber"i"$blinkyline" -e "$lineNumber"d -e "$lineNumber2"i"$xloadline" -e "$lineNumber2"d $TrayFileBak > $TrayFile [/code] It would seem that code falls apart if those blinkydelayed and/or xload lines are missing from the .jrmrc-tray file. Which is not a bug. If anyone wants to make the code impervious to parts of .jwmrc-tray being manually chopped out of it, please feel free to. If you do so, I'll put it in, but as it stands right now it isn't a bug so it is very low on my to-do list.

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