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Nathan Wallpaper Setter fix

September 14, 2009 — BarryK
The 'View' button was broken. Thanks to 01micko who found the cause of the bug.

I changed it to 'defaultimageviewer'.


Username: 01micko
I should have thought to put in "defaultimageviewer" as the fix! Anyhow it's another one crossed off. Thanks for acknowledging my wallpaper edit of summer_clouds... notice I put it up high enough such that the cropper for widescreen works fine. Incidentally, that works perfectly since you added the '/usr/share/backgrounds_original' directory on my 3 widescreens. I'm lucky enough to have half a dozen boxes , new and old, to test on and I haven't found a showstopper yet in beta 3. I reckon you can go early :) . (posting from old k6 400 now) Cheers

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