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NicoEdit 2.0 bugs

September 11, 2009 — BarryK
I earlier announced that I had replaced Geany by NicoEdit 2.0, however I have to reverse that.

I found two showstopper bugs in NicoEdit 2.0:

1. No syntax highlighting for Genie code.
2. No synax highlighting at all if a file is opened from the commandline.

That second one I discovered when right-clicked on a file in Rox and chose "Open in text editor".

I am sure that Nicolas will fix them, but as 4.3beta3 is immenent I have rolled back to Geany and NicoEdit 1.6 -- the latter is a simpler version of NicoEdit that is our Leafpad-replacement.


HI,professior! I have tried to create a "core" puppy only contain basic programs,for example:Terminal,text editor,Desktop tools,mount,network,Internet Tools,jwm....compulsory programs and so on, I have created puppy by 3 more ways:edit pup_412.sfs files , unleased,woof. I was depressed is that I can not sure what PET packages are needed, and what PET packages are Optional, so I failed about 20 times,for I deleted the wrong PET packages. I only want to create a "core" systerm and put other unimportant programs into another sfs file. so we can create puppy by anyones Basis of Interests and needs! I request Professor Give me Details guidance,thanks for your Contribution to the puppy. It is a perfect small linux,we love it! only because we come from different countries with different Languages, so some programs is not to be used Forever, and is will Waste some Spaces. I know it is a big work for me ,but I will insist on, so give the list which PET packages are needed! thank you very much!

Username: gulk
" Why don't you try with the Barebones 4.21 first? It was built on unleashed and kept the vital minimum. You can find it in the forum at

Username: WN2A
"Barry, I really use Geany a lot. Great IDE and text editor. I see NicoEdit as a good Leafpad replacement. But installing Geany is no hardship. Just very handy as it is.- Thanks!

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Guys, as Geany goes I had a look around at the repo and from series 2-4 the pet size went from 502kb -749kb, I'm just thinking maybe use Geany series 3 at 565kb its still a 200kb saving compressed and works basically the same. 200kb saving is a good amount. ttuuxxx

Username: Nicolas
"Hi Barry and Other, New version of NicoEdit (2.1) This version correct the 2 bugs found by Barry ! Changes: Added: Syntax highlighting for Genie code. Fix: Syntax highlighting when you open file through command line. If you want the syntax highlighting for genie you must download "genie.lang" and place in your gtksourceview directory (usually /usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs or found it), the file is located here: Download NicoEdit here: Nicolas.

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