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NicoEdit 2.0

September 08, 2009 — BarryK
I have upgraded NicoEdit to version 2.0. Nicolas posted it here:

This is brilliant. Nicolas, you are to be congratulated on creating such a lovely little text editor. It is good enough I reckon to satisfy most Puppians, so I have removed Geany (Geany could be in the devx perhaps).

One thing NicoEdit does not support is tabs, but there is a 'History' menu will allows quick flipping between documents -- actually, as I often have a lot of documents open, too many for the tabbed system to comfortably handle, the way NicoEdit does it is good.

Nicolas wisely rolled development back a bit, removing the theming support, and just focusing on a simple functional text editor for 2.0final.

The PET is only 47KB, although it does need gtksourceview (208KB PET) -- but gtksourceview is already needed in Puppy by Notecase.
The Geany PET package is 748KB, so we shave about 500KB off the live-CD.


Username: 01micko
I like nicoedit! Nicolas is to be congratulated. For anyone needing Geany it can easily be installed. The devx should still contain Geany IMHO. I saw that post by Techno and agree. Cheers

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