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NicoEdit 2.3

September 16, 2009 — BarryK
Nicolas has done it again.

This remarkable little text editor now remembers the previous scroll position in a file and the cursor position. So, in the History menu you can flip back through files and they all come up in the same place at which you last had them open.

This is great, makes NicoEdit just as good as, perhaps even better, than an editor with tabs.
Better perhaps, as you can have a large number of files in the history menu, whereas the tabbed interface gets cumbersome when you have too many to fit in the width of the window.

Anyway, as I am now at the 12th hour for 4.3, I have left Geany in also. We do need to use NicoEdit for awhile, build up confidence in it, maybe fix any outstanding bugs, and maybe consider NicoEdit as the sole GUI text editor for 4.3.1.


tabless editor
Username: dogone
Having somewhat of a love-hate relationship with tabbed editors, I'm looking forward to NicoEdit 2.3. Geany's default to persistent tabs can be confusing for the newbie and an pain for the rest (rather like having to moving your eye-patch from the left to the right and back again ;-).

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry Lobster found a bug in the latest version that if you click, view-->"fullscreen" it crashes, I tried it on 2.20 and it also crashed, so its not version specif. ttuuxx ps maybe edit the sources and remove "fullscreen"

NicoEdit 2.3
Username: Niko33
"Hi, Please try this new version and let me know if it work correctly or not ! Download it here: Nicolas.

NicoEdit 2.3
Username: broomdodger
"NicoEdit 2.3 view > fullscreen seems to work Puppy 4.3b3 (425)

NicoEdit 2.4
Username: Niko33
"Hi, I made a new version of NicoEdit (2.4) News: When opening a document, the file browser start from the last used directory. When a new document is created, it appear in the history menu. When you press F5, a dialog is opened with history menu. When document is modified with another texteditor, NicoEdit detect the modification and propose to reload the file. Some bugs fix. Download it here: Nicolas.

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