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PUP_430.SFS "bug"

September 28, 2009 — BarryK
Forum member Rickrandom reported:

In Windows (oh the shame, I guess Puppy will look inside an ISO without burning to a CD, but I don't know how) pup-430-small.iso contains PUP_430.SFS

Yes, shameful

The iso was created without Joliet extensions. It has been done this way for many previous versions of Puppy also. Joliet extensions causes trouble -- straining my memory but I think it caused the multisession saving to fail.

You should be using Puppy. Puppy does everything.

Why are you stating can't look inside an ISO? Of course you can: just click on it.


Named and Shamed!
Username: RickRandom
Oh no, I've been named and shamed! For info, I upgraded Isobuster to the latest version, and it then gave the correct file names. I have since used Puppy, and of course it is very simple to see what's in the iso - I never thought it would be that simple - and the right file names first time. I'm a slow learner... There are a couple of programmes that I still use Windows for - a circuit simulation tool, 5Spice, and a PC-based oscilloscope, Picoscope, that I use for work.

Username: Raffy
"It must be the language used. :) Never mind - in Manila the weather could be harsher than the language:

Username: BarryK
"Raffy, I saw on the news, pictures showing flooding. I only saw the news briefly, after arriving home dog-tired from work. Is your own house ok? Workplace? Oh man, looking at your link, it sure does look severe.

Puppy doesn't do everything
Username: ICPUG
"Barry says: 'You should be using Puppy - Puppy does everything.' I know he is jesting but don't get too carried away. If you have an old PC with no writeable CD-ROM then you cannot create a live CD to run Puppy. Consequently you cannot open up the ISO with Puppy. That is why Lin'n'Win recommended a Windows program, Isobuster, to open up the ISO. I know RickRandom used Lin'n'Win in the beginning so I guess, like me, he uses what he is used to! I'm not ashamed of using Windows, when it does the job without hastle. Of course, that is not often. Another thing. Puppy cannot make me a cup of tea!

man problems
Username: 8-bit
"In Puppy 4.2.1, if a program man file is local, it is found, formatted and displayed correctly without having to access on the internet. Also, you can see in the terminal that a serch is done of the man directories. In Puppy 4.3, man only seems to search in /usr/share/doc and does not seem to find the local man files. The key word here is local. That is man files that came with Puppy. I can use 'nroff -man [program name] to view the local man file from it's directory, but how man people even know that command exists.

Puppy doesn't do everything
Username: ttuuxxx
""I know he is jesting but don't get too carried away. If you have an old PC with no writable CD-ROM then you cannot create a live CD to run Puppy. Consequently you cannot open up the ISO" Usually if you click on a iso it opens, then you drag the compressed files to your hard drive and use a floppy boot like wakepup and you have a bootable frugal install. Or if the iso doesn't mount, sometimes if you copy it to a hard drive and click on it there it will Open. Also almost all puppy versions have Isomaster built in which does some what the same as Isobuster. Then you also use 2.14X which comes with Fileroller, its like Xarchive but better, you can drop a icon on Filerollers desktop shortcut and it will open up, then you can extract it anywhere you want. I use a hacked version of remaster puppy cd, that doesn't copy any system files, basically you can use the folder it makes, click a button and it builds a new iso in a 2 mins from start to finish. When I was using windows I used to use Isobuster all the time, Since moving to Linux I've never had the need for it, The only time I ever need windows is for serious Graphic editing with Photoshop, Gimp by far does not produce the same image quality for touch-ups, the image degradation is very high on Gimp. ttuuxxx

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