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PupDial, ESS modem driver

September 14, 2009 — BarryK
Rerwin posted an upgrade for PupDial and a driver for ESS modem chipsets, which just missed out on getting into 4.3beta3.

I have now put them in.

The inclusion of ESS makes pup 4.3 with kernel the most complete selection of analog modem drivers that we have ever had.

The only slight inconvenience is that they are in a separate 'zdrv' (due to their size), that the user will have to download and place at /mnt/home.
On the plus side though, a 'zdrv' is loaded automatically and does not have to be selected in the BootManager.

I have documented the extra modem drivers 'zdrv' in the 4.3 announcement page, with a list of what modem chipsets are likely to need it.

There are some software-modem drivers that have remained builtin to the live-CD iso file, such as Lucent and Smartlink.


PCI modem semi-miracle
Username: zygp
Rerwin, Overshadowed by the miracle of my LCD working properly with Puppy 4.3b2, was the fact that for the first time it detected my PCI Conexant modem. However after dialing, pupdial reported "no carrier" and hung up. Any ideas? Pupy 4.3b3 does not detect the modem.

PCI modem
Username: zygo
"Sorry, I spelt my name wrong. The modem was detected at /dev/ttySHSF0 vendor 13f6 device 2f00

Re: Rerwin
Username: BarryK
"Zygo, I don't know how frequently rerwin reads my blog. But, there is a long-running thread in the forum on modems, that he monitors. ...I don't know the direct url offhand.

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