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Puppy 4.3beta2

September 06, 2009 — BarryK
Now available, download from here:

Still not finalised, though the choice in 4.3beta2 looks ok to my eyes. Very business-like. Using icons by steve_s and background by zigbert.

I have built two live-CD iso files only, both with the kernel. One of them has the SCSI drivers.
I am seriously thinking of offering 4.3final with only this kernel -- other people can create builds with older kernels if they wish, and offer them for others to download.
4.3beta2 with has heaps of analog (dialup) modem drivers provided by rerwin (including all the Conexant drivers), which is why it is a bit fat (101MB).

Note, it will please a certain person, this kernel also has the Ham Radio modules.

Image viewer
Surprise -- Fotoxx is gone, replaced by Viewnior. Let me know what you think. Do you think that Viewnior should be the default image viewer instead of PictureViewer?

Text editor
Back with Geany. We still have syntax highlighting for Genie code via the NicoEdit 0.16 basic text editor included in the 4.3beta2 build.

Would someone like to volunteer to create a hpijs printer package? The reason I ask this is there has been feedback that existing hpijs pet packages do not work in 4.3beta1. Some of you guys who are much more into messing round with printing could do a better job of preparing a hpijs pet package than me.

Release notes
The release notes/announcement page is still there, but I haven't updated it since 4.3beta1:

Known bugs in beta2
1. Nathan Wallpaper Setter broken. The XML for gtkdialog is broken by the absence of fotoxx. The fixed package is '', available from the forum 4.3beta2 feedback thread.
3. Even as I was uploading beta2, zigbert brought out another Pburn (3.0.4) -- grab the latest from here:

Forum feedback
For all bug reports, and good news too:

Planning for 4.3beta3
I intend that this will be the last beta before the final. Some things that need to be done by beta3:

1. Fix upgrading a 'pupsave' from 4.2x.
2. Rerwin's 536/537 modem drivers.


SeaMonkey 1.1.18 is out!
Username: happypuppy
SeaMonkey 1.1.18 is out! Bugfix release (as usual). Recommended update.

hpijs / hplip-lite
Username: lluamco
"Hi Barry. You can find here [] that allows printing and also scanning (for PSC/Photosmart HP's). It depends on The pet has been compiled using puppy4.1.2 and the corresponding puppy package manager. The pet has been tested for usb printers for puppy's versions 4.1.1, 4.1.2, 4.2.1, 4.3beta1 and 4.3beta2. I have not checked whether works or not for printers connected to a network though. Hope that helps.

Puppy 4.3 scsi beta 2
Username: 8-bit
"Puppy 4.3 scsi beta 2 gets stuck at 'Loading drivers to access drives' on my PC with SATA drives. Beta1 did not. I do not boot from a scsi drive, but I have a scanner and zip250 drive both connected through a TekRam scsi card. I tried compiling a module for Puppy 421 and it works. But the attached hardware is seen as USB devices. So I am missing something. 4.3 scsi booted fine and fast on a 900mhz dell with 384 megs ram and ata hard drives.

Username: raymundo dionicio
"Right now I am amazed by the super-powerfull search abilities of imgseek

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