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Puppy 4.3beta3

September 12, 2009 — BarryK
Close enough -- at the time of posting this, the woof tarball and the delta files are still uploading.

Puppy 4.3beta3 (425) now available, get it from here:

Of course you will also be able to download from the ibiblio mirrors. MU is also hosting 4.3beta3: (User: puppy Passwd: linux)

I have updated the announcement and release notes page:

The default theme:

GTK: Polished Blue (?)
Icons: Blue Moon (ttuuxxx)
JWM: Gradient-blueish (me)
Background: Summer Clouds (author unknown)

Note, the GTK Polished Blue theme is GPL and was hosted on, but it has been removed and does not seem to be available online anymore. But, we do have it as a PET package.

If anyone would like to tweak the themes, go for it. It seems reasonably ok as the theme for the final, what do you think? I don't think it's brilliant, just pleasant, though the mix of different blues may seem a bit odd.
I was thinking though, that we could do something to the Summer Clouds background -- what about integrating the Puppy logo into the cloud? No, not Superpup, although that is tempting! -- but we decided to be more serious for the final.
Anyone want to have a go at that? Here is the Summer Clouds image:

It's 141KB as it was saved at quality-factor 95, but in Puppy I saved it at 85, which reduced its size to 63KB and it still looks the same.

Forum thread for feedback on 4.3beta3:


Username: aarf
ok i'll do it. summer clouds: it is ghastly awful leave the graphics choices to someone else.

Username: ttuuxxx
"Aaaaaaawwwwww Barry that looks great, easy on the eyes, relaxing and yet functional, I like your jwm gradient, its nice how it all flows together, What can I say, I think its a perfect theme, The wallpaper is a nice choice also, I think I'll use it all in 2.20 :) ttuuxxx

Username: 01micko
"Did you see this one? Coincidence that Jeba only posted it a couple of days ago... should work nicely!

Problems on boot
Username: makdy
"424: On MB P5VD2MX (VIA P4M890 chipset) : do_IRQ: 0.91 No irq handler for vector (irq -1) This mess - before "loading drivers needed to..." Mouse and key do not work. On MB's with G31 and KT600 chipsets - no boot problems. 425: On G31 (and P4M890) message: loading vmlinuz.....isolinux: Disk error 10 (80), AX = 427B (4280), drive EF (9F) stop booting. On MB KT600 - ok, video works.

The 425 look
Username: dogone
"I really like the look of 424 but 425 leaves me feeling a whole lot nicer! I was so very impressed by ttuuxxx's graphic genius in 214x and am VERY pleased to see it here. Summer Clouds complements the icon set beautifully. This said, the brushed metal look has it's place (in business settings for example). I'd like to see both themes included in 430.

Internode Oz download
Username: cthisbear
"Fast Aussie mirror: Thanks Internode for your long time support. Chris.

Username: 01micko
"hehe, @disciple, he ended up that way! Hers's summer_clouds with simple text and a simple flat logo. Cheers

Did I say FAST/
Username: cthisbear
"Internode download=under 15 seconds. Posting from beta3 now. Thanks Barry. I would still like Superpup and the brushed metal of previous release in the wallpapers. Kick out squiggles and the seagull and the orange one. Thanks BK..............Chris.

Username: technosaurus
"I was just doing LFS and BLFS with all of the puppy packages and found this quote for the new release of ayttm 0.60 (lots of improvements/fixes too) "Ayttm now uses stock icons wherever possible. This has resulted in a fair decrease in binary size (do I see Barry Kauler smiling? ;) ) and also makes the interface a little prettier."

Can not display the Chinese folder name
Username: sasaqqdan
"Can not display the Chinese folder name or the Chinese filename in /mnt/home(vfat) or /mnt/sr0(iso9660) [img][/img] when puppy 4.3final is out,please fix init in initrd.gz, /usr/local/bin/drive_all and /usr/sbin/pmount fix script like this: [code] mkdir -p /mnt/$ONEDRVNAME case $FSTYPE in ntfs) #'mount' is a script that takes care of mounting ntfs... mount -t ntfs -o nls=utf8 /dev/$ONEDRVNAME /mnt/$ONEDRVNAME RETVAL1=$? ;; vfat) #w476 modify codepage and iocharset (note: this code also in /usr/sbin/pmount)... #note, could also set iocharset=iso8859-2 (default: codepage=437, iocharset=iso8859-1) NLS_PARAM='' if [ -f /etc/keymap ];then #set in /etc/rc.d/ KEYMAP="`cat /etc/keymap | cut -f 1 -d '.'`" case $KEYMAP in de|be|br|dk|es|fi|fr|it|no|se|pt) NLS_PARAM=',codepage=850' ;; slovene|croat|hu101|hu|cz-lat2|pl|ro_win) NLS_PARAM=',codepage=852,iocharset=iso8859-2' ;; esac fi mount -t vfat -o shortname=mixed,quiet,utf8 /dev/$ONEDRVNAME /mnt/$ONEDRVNAME #v411 RETVAL1=$? ;; iso9660) mount -t iso9660 -o utf8 /dev/$ONEDRVNAME /mnt/$ONEDRVNAME RETVAL1=$? ;; *) mount -t $FSTYPE /dev/$ONEDRVNAME /mnt/$ONEDRVNAME RETVAL1=$? ;; esac [ $RETVAL1 -eq 0 ] && exec rox -x /mnt/$ONEDRVNAME -d /mnt/$ONEDRVNAME [/code]

Username: happypuppy
"Ayttm 0.60: more bugfixes + much smaller size = win :)

Username: gulk
"I don't really mind the default look because Puppy is so easy to personalize, thanks to the community contribution. Anyhow, in under an hour, I was able to surf the web, print, personalize to my taste, samba share, play music, movies and games, and no crash or hick-up whatsoever. That is just wow. Thanks Barry.

utf-8 filenames in vfat
Username: magerlab
"I request again and again to change mount options for vfat partitions and CDs to UTF-8 for english speakers it does not matter, but for many of us it will be very good point!

Puppy moves display 0.7 cm to right on monitor
Username: Terryphi
"I use a resolution of 1024X768 and on all versions of Puppy I have used the display area is moved 0.7cm to the right on my monitor compared with Windows and Ubuntu. Of course, I can adjust the settings of my monitor using its menu but then have to do it again when booting to another OS. Why does Puppy do this and how can I fix it? I should add that this does not happen at the default resolution or others I have tested. When I go to Setup -> Xorg Video Wizard -> xvidtune and click Left to adjust and then test it, I get this error: Invalid Mode requested Sorry. You have requested a mode-line that is not possible or supported by your hardware configuration.

Display positioning bug
Username: happypuppy
"@Terry: Are you using the Open source drivers? Is your PC connected to a CRT monitor? This is a really annoying (and long-standing) bug in Puppy. It happens when you drive a CRT display using the open-source drivers. The display gets shifted a few pixels to the right,so you have to reposition the display every time you dual-boot with another OS. A real pain in the butt. If you have an ATI or nVidia card and you install the proprietary drivers,you will not get this issue.

Is there a Kernel Source SFS for Puppy 4.3?
Username: panzerpuppy
"Where can I download the Kernel source SFS for Puppy 4.3?

Username: BarryK
"TerryPhi, Run the Xorg Wizard and experiment with different screen refresh frequency. panzerpuppy, Read the release notes. sasaqqdan, No, I won't be changing codepage or to utf8 when load vfat filesystem. You need to search my blog, I did do something awhile back but had to revert. Whoever coordinates 4.4 can investigate it further if they wish. 4.3final will only have absolutely essential bugfixes. Any change that can potentially introduce "side effects" will not be considered. There will of course be localisation projects for 4.3, so one of those will likely have the changes you desire. There is at least one Chinese Puppy project for example.

osmo bugs
Username: broomdodger
"I tried to use osmo contacts but it crashes easily. 1) exported from another contact list as tabbed 2) open in gnumeric, add a final column so each had exactly the same number of populated fields 3) export as csv 4) import into osmo 5) search, select and eventually (not long) crash 6) sometimes it would empty its database 7) google and found some similar instances 8) checked the xml file, looked ok

Re: Osmo crash
Username: BarryK
"It would be good if you can contact the author of Osmo. Figure out some exact steps that the author can follow to reproduce a crash.

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