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Puppy CD

September 19, 2009 — BarryK
I have created an new CD for Puppy 4.3, the one I sell for $9.

It has the same as 'pup-430.iso', that is, all the drivers and kernel
It also has Woof, and the PET packages required to build Puppy using Woof.

Also I managed to squeeze in the 'devx', the kernel source, and Open Office 3.1.1 SFS files.

Total size is 695MB.

There are a few orders to process, I'll post them on Monday.

Oh yeah, I created an SFS 4.0 of Open Office 3.1.1, with JRE.
I looked at ttuuxxx's OO PET package, but the JRE didn't work, so I downloaded JRE and got it to work.

I will upload the Open Office SFS in a day or two.


Username: Raffy
Thanks for packaging OOo for Puppy. The versioning (4) of Union/sfs layer is something to be clarified, so it is good to hear about an OOffice build direct from you.

Username: scsijon
"Barry, Has it Hiawatha & Banshee onboard? I do like the ideas of these products and would like to "play".

OOffice SFS 4.0
Username: Terryphi
"Looking forward to trying your OOfice 3.1.1 SFS 4.0. I have had problems with the SFS 4.0 of OOfice 2.2 which worked happily with Upup 476. Now trying to select a printer in OOfice crashes OOfice. Could this be a problem with the new kernel or interaction between OOfice and CUPS? (Printing works OK for Abiword, Gnumeric and Opera.)

Cheers All Linuxers...
Username: Raymundo Dionicio
"Dmitri Popov from LinuxToday articles says: "Mac OS X Snow Leopard? Windows 7? Forget it. The coolest OS release of the year is Puppy Linux 4.3." Totally agree... :)

Cheers All Linuxers...
Username: dionicio
"Dmitri Popov from LinuxToday articles says: "Mac OS X Snow Leopard? Windows 7? Forget it. The coolest OS release of the year is Puppy Linux 4.3." Totally agree... :)

Username: eprv
"Amazing great puppy Thanks waiting to the even more promising Upup

Murga-Puppy Down?
Username: edoc
"John Murga's hosting must have been overwhelmed by the surge created by the 4.3 Final release and the positive press! It's not the first time this has happened. Perhaps it is time that we all pitch in and fund a service that can automatically add resources when there are surges and lift this burden from John? I am willing to my $20. USD where my mouth errr ... mouse is ...

Username: iamnkin
"can someone give me a brieef description about the puppyforums resource usage by month.?

No OO Yet
Username: edoc
"Was just checking, hoping to be surprised by the early posting of OO ... when I saw it wasn't there John Lennon's "Oh Yoko" song came to mind, lyrics modified to "No OO". Sure, I am waiting patiently ... really! OK, maybe not ...

alt forum
Username: lobster
"use our alt forum for a while . . . maybe . . . or click on chat and use IRC or visit some of our other sites [i]Normal service will be resumed shortly[/i]

alt forum
Username: lobster
"another alt forum

Number 3 plus a 2nd review
Username: cthisbear
"Now at number 3 Puppy 1606> Distrowatch....................last 7 days """""""""" Another review i posted as forum is down. Chris.

Forum back up
Username: JohnMurga
"Another major failure at the hoster. Should be back in the next few minutes. Definitely have to migrate to linNode, just have to find the time. Cheers John de Murga

Forum back up
Username: JohnMurga
"Sorry for the delay Cheers John de Murga

Username: lobster
"thanks John have announced on wiki

Still difficult to use in a corporate environment...
Username: campamax
"After some of time (since the first 4.x release), having been Puppy my first love, I decided to give it another try, thanks to the juicy return of Barry behind the scenes. So, I set up a VM through VirtualBox and installed it on a virtual HDD (full install). I found a lot of pleasant, well known things, lots of things improved. Something did not work for me, but I cannot say if it's due to the virtual environment. First, it refused to recognize the devx sfs file as valid (!) but it correctly mounted it when clicking on it, so I simpli copied all the files on my install and could then use "make", just to verify the process worked. Just a trick, but at last the problem is that I could not directly use the sfs file. Then, since the package manager does not work behind a proxy, I installed an ol wget gui I used on older puppies, but I discovered I had to manually download and install two pet packages from the repository to allow the use of old puplets. It worked, and here is the package manager working. Nevertheless, I could not find a way to navigate the corporate intranet machines. In older puppies (<= 3.x) the network browser was ugly to see but worked correctly, so I could mount ntfs shared resources and use them. Now i tried the "shared folder" tool, but I could managa to make it work: I tried "domain\username" (as in XP), "domain/username", "username" without domain, but nothing: timeout occurred every time, on working servers that I could ping. Big thumb down for this! I still have to try it at home. Last time I used Puppy I discarded it also because it was also unable to connect to my wireless lan at home Now I want also to try the OOo package Barry promised, hoping I am able to use it without the trick above: let's see if Puppy is again a shirt large enough for my tummy!! :-) Ciao ___ campamax

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