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puppyPDF fixed

September 15, 2009 — BarryK
See the 'Document' menu. This was created in 2007 by forum member thoughtjourney, and hasn't been changed since.

Until now, that is. Forum member nikin has fixed a couple of bugs:

I tryed to use puppypdf today and it had 2 showstopping bugs.

First: the dialogs where communicating on stderr, so they catched the GTK errors. messing up fselect boxe's filenames.

Modified them to use --stdout and 2>/dev/null

The other one was a misuse of abiword.
not working:

abiword --print=temp input

i updated it to work with abiword 2.6


abiword --to=ps --to-name=temp input

this version now converted my html file to pdf
Any suggestions are welcome.

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