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PupScan fixed

September 11, 2009 — BarryK
Puppy 4.3beta is using Busybox 'depmod', for reasons discussed recently in this blog. However, it compromises the operation of PupScan (see System menu). Rerwin has fixed that. Extract of his forum post:

Now that the modules.*map files are no longer maintained in /lib/modules/<kernel>/, pupscan no longer displays the modules associated with hardware devices. I have updated it to obtain its information from the modules.alias file and added use of the dialup-modem rules file (for devices not listed in modules.alias).

I also changed it to choose that last-found module instead of the first, to match how pup_event_backend_modprobe makes its choice.

At some point, I hope to refine it so that it accounts for "pci overrides" and "preferred modules" specified in the BootManager. But this is already a little more comprehensive than when it was last working.

UPDATE 9/10/09: Turns out using the modaliases is trickier than I anticipated. I have made further refinements to pupscan (as -2), but more can be done. I may continue refinement, but please (Barry) take whatever version is here at the deadline for the next beta. Thanks,

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