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SeaMonkey 1.1.18

September 10, 2009 — BarryK
I have upgraded to the latest version.


Hi,My teacher! I want to create myself puppy,so I have Compiled the kernel, I have changed the kernel,modules and seccessed in full hd install. but i want to create a boot cd, I find the"initrd.gz" is can not to be modified. Different kernel Matches different "initrd.gz" so can you tell me how to create the file"initrd.gz" ? Ihave download the Script in the form, but I have failed. thanks for your help!

Username: BarryK
"Editing the initrd.gz has been discussed many times on the forum. Search there, and ask questions there.

Good news
Username: lobster
"Good news about Seamonkey. For 4.2 Warren introduced Monkeymenu I find it very good and now tend to install it. It can block pop ups, javascript, and clear private data - and many other things too. May be better than just adblock?

Re: help!
Username: Jota
" The best way for you to create your own Puppy is to use the Woof build system. See here:

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