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USB Flash boot fail if "pkeys=de"

September 14, 2009 — BarryK
It has been reported that booting from a USB Flash drive with "pkeys=de" the boot failed. Without the pkeys parameter it works.

I found the problem. This is the fixed code in the 'init' script:
  vfat) #w476

####TODO#### need to get rid of the old 2-letter keyboard layout, so PKEYS boot
# param works for the main kbd layouts.
#would like to introduce codepage and iocharset, maybe as kernel params...
#ex: codepage=850 iocharset=iso8859-2, already have 'pkeys'
[ "$MNT_O" ] && OUT_PARAM="${OUT_PARAM},${MNT_O}"
if [ "$PKEYS" ];then
case $PKEYS in
modprobe nls_cp850 #v426
modprobe nls_cp852 #v426
modprobe nls_iso8859-2 #v426
;; can see where I have inserted explicit modprobe commands. Those modules should have loaded automatically, I don't know why they don't.


Why the modules aren't loaded
Username: Dougal
You're using a zdrv. It's the same bug that makes you need to "fetch" the drm modules for Xorg (and modules for filesystems that aren't built into the kernel).

No zdrv
Username: BarryK
"I'm not that dumb. No, there is no zdrv. The only zdrv in 4.3beta3 is some extra modem drivers. The initrd is setup in the normal way with a small selection of modules. 'depmod' was run when the initrd was created, so that modprobe and the kernel can locate and load the modules. In other words, a normal environment, and I expected the nls_* modules to auto-load. Besides, the whole "feching" concept is no longer used for a zdrv. A zdrv now gets loaded as a aufs layer at bootup and depmod is run, so all modules are accessible without needing to be fetched. A lot has changed with the Woof-built puppies!

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