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September 14, 2009 — BarryK
It is approaching the 12th hour and I should not be adding any more packages, but I think that I will add zmixer.

AlsaMixer is a console ncurses application that is not to eveyone's liking, whereas Zmixer is a GTK2 app. I will have both in 4.3.

4.3beta3 testers, those with working sound, are invited to test Zmixer:


zmixer v alsamixer

Username: disciple
"> That said, I'd welcome a fully capable replacement for the otherwise dreadful alsamixer. Puppy is light years behind the curve in this regard. What's to dread about alsamixer? No offense to HW, it's absvolume where we could best improve... Rarsa's tcl/tk volume control is light-years better.

Username: dogone
""dreadful" was perhaps unfair, but comprehending audio configuration under Linux remains a challenge (run "amixer" or examine your asound.state file). We need a mixer that's flexible yet intuitive. Hear me, oh Pizzagood! Anyway, too late for 4.3.

Username: happypuppy
"* For the more advanced user who likes to have more control over his/her sound hardware, alsamixer is still the best choice. Much better than any other mixer/frontend. * But really advanced users usually disable ALSA completely and compile/install OSS 4.2 :)

12th hour Q?
Username: robert359
"to Squidy, re: ndis wrapper Oh :] I'll give that a try. Thanks.

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