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430: Aqualung?

October 09, 2009 — BarryK
Guys, what's the verdict on Aqualung in 4.3?

Personally, I don't like it. There was some feedback I think that it crashes.

Should I change to Pmusic?
Or, go back to how it was in pup 4.1x? (click on a sound file either launched a commandline player or Gxine).


About Aqualung
Username: panzerpuppy
Stick with Gxine and add ttuuxxx's Streamtuner + Alsaplayer package.

Username: arby
"I had posted one observation, that it didn't recurse directories when building a playlist, but that is really minor. Once I learned to work around that, Aqualung is usable. I haven't seen it crash yet, and the integrated volume and playlist can be handy. I like a player thats small and doesn't try to show me visualizations like Xine does. Also, both Gxine and Aqualung allow multiple launching of files from ROX, leading to multiple iterations playing several songs simultaneously. I'd really like launching a new file to close or use the previous player iteration. I can't recall now if Pmusic did this or not.

Username: dogone
"Seems a competent player but the UI is awful. We can and should do better. I'm a minimalist when it comes to audio so will stick with moc (mocp). Pmusic is an option but UI's are not really Zigbert's forte either. Though: include moc. It's ncurses, but small, simple, stable and perhaps the most rational audio player I've found. It's client-server architecture also makes lots of things possible.

Not gxine, please!
Username: musher0
"Hello, Mr. Kauler. With all due respect, since I am speaking to the Master himself (:-) ! I actually exhaled a sigh of relief when I saw that you had chosen aqualung for v. 4.30. (:-) Finally, a good choice for Puppy, I thought to myself. Since I came to Puppy (v. 3.01), my experience with Gxine has always been less than satisfactory, and at times, hair-pulling! (But that is not why I am getting bald!) 1) Gxine jams if the user forgets to close it before opening another movie or music file, 2) it seems that its plugin cannot be properly integrated with opera, and 3) you cannot size it to your taste/needs, even if there is a (theoretical) sub-menu for that. As for me, my favourite alternative solutions within Puppy have been: xfmedia for movies and cd, snackamp for Internet radio and music files, and good old XFreeCD for plain cd playing. I personally think that it would be a shame to "retrofit" (for lack of a better verb) Puppy the final 4.30 version with such an unsatisfactory program such as gxine. (Please forgive me if my English sounds stuffy: I was not brought up in it.) Best wishes of success in your endeavours. Only my opinion, of course. Sincerely, Christian L. (aka musher0)

Username: BarryK
"Yes, it looks like a nice simple user interface. Unfortunately it needs 'jack' and 'libmodplug' packages.

aqualung and ayytm are disappointing
Username: magerlab
"i have only two apps that do not work aqualung ( plays a bit and stops.... and ayytm that seems to be useless in my case( cannot connect to alsaplayer is much simple and meebo works fine

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