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430: GIT "broken"

October 09, 2009 — BarryK
ARAN reported:

The Package Git is broken especially "git pull" dont work !

I was just at the git irc chanell and asked what could be the problem and this was here the answer.

hello to all. can somebody tell me how to resolve this ugly problem here ?/usr/libexec/git-core/git-pull: line 204: exec: git-merge: not found
git: 'pull' is not a git-command. See 'git --help'.

Did you mean this?

this here are all files in git-core folder. could it be that something is missed ?


Well, that error message really looks like some busted git installation.

Aw... Seems like they stripped out all direct executables for builtin commands, but didn't note that some scripts need the direct executables for those...

Yes, some files are missing out of that 'git-core' directory. I created a new PET pkg with all the files in 'git-core', but the PET is 49MB (yes I did strip), compared with 5.5MB before. I do not want to blow out the 'devx' by another 43.5MB!!!

I don't remember how I created my 5.5MB cut-down git pkg. Anyway, I have just put in 'git-merge', as that was the missing one in ARAN's post.

Comment: that sure is one bloated project!


git again
Username: BarryK
ARAN has also posted: [i]As you can see "git-merge" but also "git-diff", "git-fetch", "git-add" ... that point to git binary are all missing ! I have solved my problem with this command here in the terminal Quote: ln /usr/bin/git /usr/libexec/git-core/git-merge The symlinks should be created while building git from sources with the following command. For me the Pet Create Packages are Broken as they dont include the symlinks that are needed. [/i] The 'make install' of the git package does not create those as symlinks. 'git-merge' for example is an actual executable inside the git-core directory. If you are certain that the problem can be solved by making them all as symlinks, that is great. Pity that is not mentioned in the INSTALL file in the source package, nor does 'make install' nor any configure options I can see do it.

Broken Git
Username: aran
"Hello Barry ! Yes it would also works if you symlink the striped Files and symlink them to the git binary. As you can see the people at the git irc chanell that also maintain the git sources has all the stripped files symlinked to the binary and this works also ! Here is once again her file list of the folder git-core. Nearly all files symlink to the git binary "72685 git". For the bloted project: I need git for the linux kernel sources.

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