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430: Menu not update when package installed

October 05, 2009 — BarryK
Prehistoric reported:

I just found a clue about the missing menu entries on pet packages installed in 4.3 with the latest PPM. When I installed gimp downloaded directly from ibiblio there was no menu entry. When I clicked on a local file of the same pet there was no report it was already installed, and the menu entry appeared as expected. In the previous case, where there was no menu entry for Sylpheed, I had also downloaded from ibiblio using the PPM interface. Downloading and installing by clicking on a local pet file did solve the missing menu entry problem.

Yes. The script /usr/local/petget/petget is what runs when you click on a downloaded package. When you run the Puppy Package Manager and choose a package from a repo (and a local directory can be chosen instead of a URL), then /usr/local/petget/ runs, not 'petget'.

Both of these have code to call the script that updates the menu, however there was a bug in '' that prevented the menu update. Fixed.


Menu updates
Username: 8-bit
I used the Puppy Package Manager to install Bubbles from Puppy 3 and after it installed, I also had no menu entry for it. I tried fixmenus, restarting JWM, and restarting X, but still no menu entry. Bubbles did install a .desktop file in the correct directory, and bubbles.tcl was installed to /usr/local/bin. I got a menu entry by moving bubbles.tcl to /usr/bin. So the menu updater must be touchy as to where the executable file is placed. Oh, Puppy version 4.3 scsi beta3 kernel kernel.

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