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4.3.1 RC1, RC2 bugfixes

October 14, 2009 — BarryK
Here is a summary of the bugfixes so far, since the release of 4.3:

New modem drivers and improved modem detection and dialup, from rerwin.
Fixes for CD Remaster script.
Asunder CD ripper replaces Ripoff (which crashed).
Cdparanoia upgraded to latest (previous crashed).
You2pup, fix for spaces in paths.
Ayttm multi-protocol chat client, upgraded to 0.6.0-9.
DidiWiki personal wiki upgraded to 0.8.
JWM window manager upgraded to revision 457.
NicoEdit, our secondary text editor, upgraded to 2.4.
Pburn upgraded to 3.1.1.
'resolv.conf' circular symlinks maybe fixed?
JWM Configure tool bug fix ('.jwmrc-tray' got corrupted).
'man' and Help page fixed when search on
Frequency scaling fix for "small" iso (modules were missing).
Shutdown problem when upgrade 'pupsave' (shutdown scripts in wrong place).
Partview, a new tool to view free space in drives.
Sylpheed PET package upgraded to 2.7.1 (previous crashes).
Mouse Wizard fixed (showed USB when a PS/2 was connected).
Lots of bugfixes for the Puppy Package Manager (PPM).
Some corrections in the locale-choosing dialog.
Boot from ext4 and save 'pupsave' to ext4 partition fixed.
The famous "insert key" crash in Mozilla browsers fixed.
Fixed modules loading for kernels prior to 2.6.24.

Some SVG images were not displaying in GTK applications. Fixed.
Typo in You2pup script.
CD/DVD Drive Wizard was broken. Rewritten.
Fix for JWM Config keyboard script.
Grammar checker default in Abiword is now off, as it is so slow.
Fix for overlapping drive icons on desktop at certain screen resolutions.
Partview simplified, faster.
Burniso2cd could sometimes fail to perform the verify-step properly. Fixed.
Pburn bugfixes.
snd-ali5451.ko module added to Smartlink modem driver system.

I'm uploading 4.3.1-RC2 now, will announce it soon.

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