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Extra network modules for

October 07, 2009 — BarryK
Tempestuous has compiled extra drivers for the kernel (as used in Puppy 4.3):

As I am restricting 431 to essential bugfixes only, I am reluctant to put them in.

Perhaps many of them can go into 4.4?


Username: pete-vk6fun
i guess hamradio modules are never gonna make it. i've tried many times but can't make them work. ps a ham friend of mine jim parker sez he went to tafe with you and your dad. pete

Username: BarryK
"pete-vk6un, I configured the kernel with ham radio modules enabled.... so, they won't work (?) pstef, I was going to grab the latest Ayttm in a day or two, as 431 is planned for release mid-October.

drop out ayytm,please
Username: magerlab
"the most dreadful experience i have with ayytm it works only with irc and cannot connect to jabber so i use instead and seamonkey irc addon does it happen only to me ?

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