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I'm back home

October 02, 2009 — BarryK
My Royal Show job runs until Saturday, but I have experienced back problems so left. Fortunately they had someone on standby who could take my place.

When I got up one morning and could hardly stand up, and couldn't bend over to put on my boots ...I knew that I had a problem!

Lots to catch up on....

Technosaurus has volunteered to coordinate 4.4. Wiki page, plus other guys willing to help:

Technosaurus has been asking for suggestions for 4.4CE:

Technosaurus has started "phase 1" of testing for 4.4CE:

Technosaurus, thanks for stepping forward to tackle this. You'll get a buzz out of it. And the experience of being the focus of lots of people clamouring for what they want in the next Puppy!


Username: Raffy
Yes, technosaurus is the guy of the hour. He is young and probably has 20+ years before experiencing your back pain. :) You must be sleeping in a different room and bed during the show, so going home quickly is understandable. Thanks for the sfs4 packages.

Username: Sit Heel Speak
"Second what dogone says--do put yourself under the care of a competent Doctor of Chiropractic ASAP. Here, they are covered under all major health insurance plans, I should hope it is so there as well. My own, in practice > 40 years, is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport Iowa, the oldest and most rigorous College of Chiropractic in the U.S., and so it is possible, I'll ask him about 13 hours from now if, he can make a recommendation per WA.

Chiropractors --2
Username: Sit Heel Speak
"I just looked on their webpage and it turns out, you don't have to wait for me to ask mine, they have an online form which will help you find a Palmer graduate anywhere in the world:

Chiropractors in Perth
Username: Sit Heel Speak
"Heh--well, Perth is a mere 350 km. A Google search on "chiropractor Perth Palmer" finds Tony Ivory, DC, a Palmer graduate. I wouldn't go to any chiropractor who wasn't a Palmer grad. But there is, in Perth, I see, a Murdoch Chiropractic University, so surely there is a chiropractor of some sort somewhere near Barry. But, as I say, I would not go to one who wasn't a Palmer grad.

Back - back
Username: Sage
"Americans seem to have little knowledge of medicine outside their appalling cash-oriented system! My doc. always tells me that gentlemen of a certain age can expect increasing pains in the back, neck, shoulders, hips, etc. and these areas stiffen overnight. The cheap and easy way to mollify the immediate issues are to gently exercise BEFORE arising for the new day. Remaining stiffness or outright pain should be subjected to professional massage (but not a massage parlour!). Persisting problems can be manipulated at your hospital in Perth. Clearly you were able to drive 300mls so there's hope. Avoid any lifting. But after 60-ish don't expect to dispel all these age-related developments, just learn to smile more often....

Be Well
Username: lobster
"I don't know if the real men of Oz are able to do yoga or tai Chi yet? Maybe swimming with crocs is more their thing? I have just started formal Tai Chi Chuan - as the tutor is an Alexander technique practitioner, we finish off with some unusual variations of savasana (corpse pose) The only other thing I can think of is tiger balm (used by martial artists) good for back pain. Just remembered we have a back massager from scholl that goes over a chair - gonna have a go with that - yep it works - some top cars have them built in. Relaxation - as you know is the key Welcome back [oops] - so to speak

Username: aarf
"second recommendation tiger balm and various other asia snake oils. they work. probably just your body not used to all the physical labour and nothing that a few days rest wont fix. puppy would really be in trouble if it was not standing that causes the pain but sitting at a chair and desk. been there done that in my reckless youth..

.. .
Username: foo
"3rd the tbalm (other oils may appeal as well with the added benefit of sinus clearing, euc' and various mints besides the camphors are good for stiff joints) - machine massage won't take the place of a proper adjustment regimen if it's called for (the good of a buzz-cushion is it never tires for cheap/available temporary relief). You might even try one of those backless stools that supports mainly from the knees and forces a centred spinal awareness for sit down tasking, anything that gets the supporting musculature out of favoring a decline. Some sit a large balance ball and others may think highly of acupuncture.. All better now, right?

Username: 01micko
"I've been a concreter for 25plus years and have had my share of back problems. I used to use chiro, but the guy I was seeing had to retire. I could not find a decent replacement so went the way of physio-therapy. :smile: The back is much better! They show you how to strenghten your muscles, where as a chiro wants you to keep coming back! Cheers

Username: aarf
"" where as a chiro wants you to keep coming back!" this is a definite and real risk/possibility with all "health professionals" (and motor mechanics, dentists...) in an over mature, over supplied, capitalist system. mostly you dont have the knowledge or yard stick to know what would have happened if you chose a different course or an non-active/non-interventionalist course. personally i avoid them as much as is possible and have been very successful in that. arming one self with extensive knowledge of alternative therapies pays dividends.

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