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Multiuser Puppy

October 28, 2009 — BarryK
This needs to get lots of attention I think, as pizzasgood has put in considerable effort to solve the problem of running Puppy with multiple users:

What I commend in particular, is the effort that pizzasgood put in to document everything.

It's good stuff, and I'm looking into incorporating this into my Woof build system.


Great News for Puppy - SeaMonkey 2.0 Final is out ! :)
Username: panzerpuppy
SeaMonkey 2.0 Final is out and it rocks! This release makes the old Seamonkey 1.1.x look like an old, slow dog :) Improve the Puppy browsing experience with SeaMonkey 2.0 - it's [u]lightning fast[/u] :)

seamonkey. multiuser
Username: 01micko
"Hi I am currently compiling Seamonkey-2.0 for Puppy. I intend 2 maybe 4 versions. 1 for all Pups previous to 4.4 and one for 4.4., each with and without the extra theme, or even package the extra theme as a pet. Technosaurus suggested to me to insatll libnss and libnspr (and patched for apng libpng) and compile against those as system libs, so I am compiling those too. See how we go. ____________ I suggested to gposil to include pizzasgood's nice work with multiuser Puppy in dpup. He is giving it consideration. Cheers

Japanese Puppy Startup
Username: cthisbear
"BK: You should get a copy of the Japanese Puppy 4.30. Excellent startup for newbies. Well worth a look. Simple menu items..scroll up or down. Hit enter. A real winner. I am in it now. """"""""""""""" Going to the Japanese school fete at Terrey Hills....Sydney on Sunday. And I will give them a copy or 2. Chris. PS. Of course copy and paste in Japanese isn't my forte'.

much awaited
Username: Raffy
"It's been much awaited, and am updating the version announcements here:

Multiuser tools
Username: Nathan F
"Glad to see some movement in this area again. If it's going to see some more development then I'd like to offer some of my old code from Grafpup once again. I had done a good deal of work on making things more multi-user friendly. [code]svn checkout grafpup-linux-read-only[/code] One of the goodies is a user manager in gtkdialog which can handle user additions and deletions as well as password changing from the same gui. I hadn't gotten around to user modification yet, and there would have to be some mods done to account for the way Pizzasgood uses groups for permissions (which sounds very nice, and follows some well established standards). Also, all of my programs and modded Puppy programs which require root privileges call upon gksu if started by a non-root user.

Both Sounds Great!
Username: edoc
"Not sure how Seamonkey & MultiUser got mixed into the same thread but both are welcome updates! 01micko - is there a thread on the Forum or a link to your Puppy 4.31-friendly compile of 2.0 Final? Thanks! doc

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