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Partview returns

October 08, 2009 — BarryK
I have been working through the 4.3-bugs forum thread, and a couple of guys have expressed sadness that the old 'Partview' application is not there.

Well, it was in Puppy 3.x, but gone in 4.0x and 4.1x as the required tcl/tk libraries were not there. However those libraries returned in 4.2x and so did Partview.

Once again in 4.3 Partview (and tcl/tk) is gone.

Actually all this time I was hoping that someone might write an equivalent using GTK, however noone did. So, today I decided to do it.

I knocked together a very simple Partview, that has both more and less features than the old one. This new one can have features added later if desired.

What it does not do is update, it is just a static display. An extra thing that it does do is show free space on all partitions, whether they are mounted or not. Snapshot:

...notice that it even shows free space in an optical disc, which is very handy if it is not closed, open for further burning, as in the case of multisession CD/DVD.

It is launched from the JWM tray, and as it is (currently) static, it has to be re-executed whenever you want to see the latest free spaces -- which is really ok, usually we don't want yet another app that has a polling loop taking up CPU time.

However, maybe could put a "refresh" button, or even auto-polling if desired. They are possibilities for the future.


Username: Feverfew
Is this the same kinda thing? Or is it to ubuntu centric. 4 kb

Partview redux
Username: dogone
"Hey, that's beautiful in it's simplicity. Thanks! Let's do please employ another color. Red an alert color not appropriate here (users can probably just mod your script).

Username: panzerpuppy
"There's another essential app that was removed from Puppy that many users need: Memtest86+ In previous releases of Puppy, Memtest could be loaded at the boot screen with a special 'memtest' command without starting the Puppy OS (just like KNOPPIX). Puppy is a perfect distro for PC diagnostics, backup, disinfection of Windows boxes and repair. Without Memtest, one is forced to use a bloated KNOPPIX [b]DVD[/b] just for a tiny 20K app :(

drive space
Username: BarryK
"Mine is different because it shows free space in unmounted partitions also -- to do that, the code has to temporarily mount each partition. Zigbert, your Pwidgets drive space monitor looks lovely!

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