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Puppy 4.3.1 released

October 17, 2009 — BarryK
Took a long time to upload to, but finally got there! Download from ibiblio only for now, as not yet filtered through to the mirrors:

When the mirrors catch up, you can get to them via the main Puppy download page:

There are lots of ISOs to choose from:

...the main guy, that will suit most people, is 'pup-431.iso', size 104.9MB.

The main announcement and release notes page is here:

...scroll down that page and you will see the list of differences between 4.3 and 4.3.1.

I have started a forum thread for bug reports and feedback on 4.3.1:

...I will monitor it, but my attention will now be moving to development of Woof. Forum member technosaurus is carrying on with developing the Puppy 4.x series, that is, 4.4, and you can find various threads about it on the forum.


Changes from 431RC2

Changes from RC2
Username: BarryK
"See previous blog post:

Speedy Aussie download
Username: cthisbear
"Speedy Oz mirror: AARNet mirror: Many thanks AARNet. Chris. repo
Username: BarryK
"cthisbear, I've added that repo into the Puppy Package Manager, another choice to download PETs from.

Minor error
Username: ANO1453
"In 4.3, in the choice of locales, it shows Brazilian, Brazil and Brazilian, Portugal, instead of Portuguese, Brazil and Portuguese, Portugal. Was that corrected?

Username: BarryK
"Yes. It was discussed in this blog. Many locale fixes, I don't recall if Portuguese was mentioned as fixed, but it is.

Thank you
Username: ANO1453
"I'm pleased to hear that. Also, I think there's a change in compatibility form 4.2.1 to 4.3, but I'll check that better when my laptop is back.

Still there
Username: ANO1453
"I've just downloaded 3.4.1 (which I'm using) and it still appears Brazilian, instead of Portuguese. I think that I've seen that referred in a forum, somewhere.

Username: BarryK
"The Portuguese fix is after 4.3.1, in the Woof build system, so should be in the next release of Puppy.

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