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Release schedule for 431

October 05, 2009 — BarryK
Technosaurus is working on 4.4, however it would be nice if 431 was available, then 4.4 development could take off with that as the base.

So, it is probably a good idea if I announced a release date for 431, or at least something to aim for.

It really depends on how many bugs I want to fix. 431 is supposed to be a bugfix release of 430, so should not have any other changes.

I was thinking of setting the release date for the 1st of November, for the reason that my satellite Internet account resets it's quota at the start of each calendar month.

I'm going to be testing Woof soon, and this is going to chew through my October allowance (4GB).

As the so-far and anticipated bugfixes for 431 are pretty straightforward, probably only one or two pre-releases will suffice.

I'll aim to get one of those out mid-October.

Does that schedule seem ok? Too slow?


431 schedule

Surcharge answered
Username: Raffy
"Ah, got the answer: You can go for higher plan and forward the bills to raffy AT puppy linux DOT org. :) You can use the time saved in commuting to Perth for more time walking around town to flex your back muscles. Cheers.

Schedule 431
Username: Ramachandran
"Dear Sir If possible, kindly advance release date. I am eagerly awaiting release. Please also include all modem driver. Thanks in advance. Ramachadnran, Calicut, India

5 doliars for extra 2 G
Username: aarf
" STAR-5 512 / 256 kbps 2 GB 4 GB $44.95 upgradeable at any time and down gradeable at the start of the next month. yeah, just yell and we'll dig deep and pass the hat around, if we're still short well roll a beggar or two:). but well get you the cash. however you'll have to accept

431, 432
Username: BarryK
"The money is not a problem, and yeah, I could bump up to the STAR-5 account for awhile, get that extra 2GB. I had another thought. Some of these bugs I'm fixing are quite important, so perhaps I should aim at a 431 bugfix release mid-month, then if necessary another one, 432, later. I don't see anything wrong with bringing out two bugfix releases in relatively quick succession. Besides, it might turn out that the first one is "good enough".

Frequent bugfix release = good idea
Username: panzerpuppy
"More releases / faster release cycle = better quality Puppies for everyone :)

Frequent releases - to a point
Username: dogone
"Panzerpuppy has a point. Mark Shuttleworth recently addressed the topic of semi-annual Ubuntu releases, stating that "frequent" releases have accelerated Ubuntu development and improved code quality by attracting more eyes, developers, first-time users and generating excitement. I agree, but there is bound to be a "sweet-spot" which subjects new code to maximum scrutiny while providing users/testers sufficient time to review and test it. Other human factors come into play as well. Attention spans are finite. At some point the benefits of longer exposure must give way to innovation. Code development must continue at a pace that draws the optimum time and talent from contributors. The trick is to optimize the experience for developers, users and would-be users alike. It also doesn't hurt to keep the media on it's toes.

Re 431 schedule
Username: BarryK
"I have decided to aim for releasing it mid-October, as the bugs I am fixing are important. The bugs in the PPM for example make it very annoying to use in 430, especially the menu not updating. Maybe even sooner. I'll upload a sanity-check-431 first. I will also upload Woof with basic GUI, but it will have to be considered as a snapshot of work-in-progress and I'll do further testing and development of it later. So, I'll save my October monthly quota for uploading 431. Note, for most of these bugs, I can also provide a "Service Pack" PET package for 430 users, rather than them having to do an actual version upgrade.

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