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Remaster CD bug fixes

October 07, 2009 — BarryK
There was a report in the 4.3 bugs thread on the forum, of the CD remaster script crashing. I couldn't reproduce that, but I did find 3 other bugs.

1. Boot logo and help missing.
2. mksquashfs error that may have caused iso to be bigger.
3. Hiccup in manipulating the database files in /root/.packages that may have compromised operation of the PPM.

There was a request that the remaster script needs a choice where to get the Puppy files from. Currently they must be on a CD. Need to also be able to choose a mounted directory.
However, at this stage I am being very careful, essential bugfixes only for 431.

One of the bugs in 430-final was caused by an earlier beta-release bugfix. So, I need to be extremely careful.


remaster crash
Username: runtt21
I ran remasterpup2 in terminal to see what was going on. Everything works up until i select the burner. On my computer that is dev/sr0.When i select it,the program crashes. # remasterpup2 SIZETOTALM=336 /usr/sbin/remasterpup2: line 79: 30317 Terminated Xdialog --wrap --title "Puppy simple CD remaster" --msgbox "Calculating needed working space.\nPlease wait, this may take awhile..." 0 0 WKGPART=sdc1 /usr/sbin/remasterpup2: line 161: /dev/sr1: Permission denied

Remaster crash
Username: BarryK
"The 'WKGPART' variable is set when you choose a partition as a "working area". You must not choose /dev/sr0 or /dev/sr1 as that is read-only. But, that is good you have explained that. I will filter that particular dialog so it does not offer /dev/sr*.

Remaster CD bugfix
Username: BarryK
"I have added a filter so that only writable partitions are offered as the "working area". I also found that ext4 was left out, so added that. That is, ext4 partitions can also be the working area.

Bug Fixes
Username: gposil
"Hello Barry, Would it be possible that you could bundle bug fixes for 430 as a service pack, i'm being selfish here, I would like to incorporate the fixes in dpup482, which will now follow all your updates. If you get a chance, I would really appreciate your input on the 482 upgrade to dpup. Cheers

Remaster still crash
Username: BarryK
"runtt21, Oh, ok. I fixed a potential crash problem, but not your particular crash problem. It looks like I need to test on a PC that has two optical drives.

Username: runtt21
""not your particular crash problem." LOL :) That's OK , I have a workaround . Thank you . Without you there is no puppylinux. Without puppylinux there is no Macpup.Thank you very much !!!

service pack
Username: BarryK
"gposil, I do plan to bring out a service pack for current 4.3 users, it may work on older Woof-builds. Alternatively, the latest Woof will be released, so Dpup and Upup can be built. But, testing those builds is on the back-burner right now, as I don't want to use up much of my monthly download allowance until after 4.3.1 is uploaded.

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