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ROX-Filer 2.9.0

October 23, 2009 — BarryK
I have compiled the latest version in Puppy 4.3. I want to use it in Karmic Puppy, compiling it in 4.3 ensures that the same package will work in any build from 4.3 upward.

I did compile this awhile ago, but had problems with the mime types -- the thumbnails did not display properly. Ttuuxxx solved that, and I looked at ttuuxxx's Rox package -- yes there are name changes in some mime files. I now have it working properly. Thanks ttuuxxx.

Shared-mime-info package is now upgraded to the latest, 0.70. The 'dev' component now goes into the 'devx' SFS file.


Barry, 2.9.0 is an *old* build of ROX-Filer
Username: panzerpuppy
Barry, what you have there is an old build of ROX. The latest version of ROX-Filer is [b]2.10[/b]

Username: BarryK
"The ROX-Filer web site states that 2.9 is the latest [i]stable[/i] release.

Can add tree navigation to ROX?
Username: Alejandro Lavarello
"Hi, Barry. Can add directory tree navigation to ROX, in similar fashion to Windows Explorer? I think it is very usable feature. Or maybe add a secondary file manager in the official Puppy release. I was tried to install PCMan file manager and lxde but I am lack of knowledge and have encontered always some missing library. Another question. SeaMonkey crashes frequently, and other Puppy applications sometimes crashes. They closes without information to the user. As a Windows user, I expect a blue screen or a debug window, or a crash report. I think that worst that a blue screen is no information at all. Can add some information to the user when an application crashes? Barry, many thanks for Puppy, it is a great distro and I like it very much. Regards from Uruguay. Alejandro Lavarello.

sfs technology
Username: Raffy
"I've been a fan of appdir, but it looks like sfs is now able to do it with the new 2.6.30 kernel. See Also logrow for aufs: _______________________________________________ Alejandro, try Boxpup 413 - it has Thunar file manager.

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