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Service Pack for 4.3

October 11, 2009 — BarryK
Get it from here:

This is not as "complete" as a proper upgrade to Puppy 4.3.1, but is handy in certain circumstances, such as you have a full install of 4.3 to hard drive -- in that case, just download and install the PET and you have upgraded.

At least I hope so, I haven't tested it.

Probably the Service Pack is adequate if you are running 4.3 from CD, USB or frugal install and you just want a quick upgrade to 4.3.1.

One thing that is missing is the latest 'initrd.gz', needed for booting from ext4 partitions. But you don't need that for a full hd installation. But you will have to get it for your USB/frugal installation -- but then you might as well grab the new pup-431.sfs too.

But of course the Service Pack is small, just 4.4MB, whereas pup-431.sfs is about 103MB

Note that I did not put the 537* modem drivers into the service pack.


lost icons
Username: paulh
this has happened each time i've upgraded: frugal install on acer aspire one; add the .pet and ran it, then rebooted: two icons for links (to directories ) on my desktop (pinboard) disappeared once i'd rebooted and had to be recreated.

A Cop Endorsing Puppy!
Username: Dougal
"Hey, Barry, you're making friends over at the NSW police:,nsw-police-dont-use-windows-for-internet-banking.aspx

pinboard changes
Username: prehistoric
"I haven't experienced the lost icons paulh describes, but I did get a strange change in the location of one icon. This is not simply a problem with this service pack. I've noticed changes in the desktop, with some icons I've moved going to earlier positions, and not just on a netbook like the one described above. The problem appears to be non-deterministic. The changes are most likely to take place in files which are frequently accessed. I'm worried we may have more layered file system trouble. (Then again, worrying is my specialty.) Overall, the "service pack" was great. I've already used it to upgrade a 4.30 installation which I then used to restore a Windows XP partition. (Notice the pattern: Windows creates problems, Puppy solves them.) Quote: "I'll give up control of my hardware when they pry my cold, dead fingers from around my bent paperclip."

Username: 01micko
"I applied the service pack pet and regained my absvolume... Oh, and the cpu freq mods are all there too :cool: Cheers

Brave cop
Username: BarryK
"Dougal, I posted a response. Some of the responses from "IT professionals" tried to shoot down the cop. Microsoft and others will also be presenting their cases, and they will also shoot him down. Poor guy, he just told the truth.

Drives icons vs pmount
Username: paulh
"I've only just noticed this so it may not just be as a result of the upgrade ... I have 3 ptns on my aspire one 120GB hdd: sda1 ~20GB ext3; sda2 ~10GB ext2 ; sda3 ~83GB ext3 If i mouse-hover over the drive icons on the desktop, sda1 shows as 110.2GB ext2; sda2 as 92.2GB ext3; and sda3 as 9.8GB ext2. Pmount shows them "correctly".

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